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Department of Education

Region VII, Central Visayas



Poblacion Ward I, Minglanilla, Cebu

Final Narrative Reports of the School Activities, Especially Contests Won by the Students and Their Coaches during Municipal, District/Area, Division and Regional Levels and Other English Activities of Minglanilla National Science High School  

Major activities took place this school year 2008-2009 while minor activities happened in the previous years

Participation by students is a novel aspect of the contest, and it highlights the important role of students and teachers in their education.

Minglanilla National Science High School (MNSHS) is actively participating in all the activities not only on the campus but also off the campus, including the major contests released through memos from schools division superintendent and even regional director in Region VII. This learning institution is the lead school, and major participant of the Municipality of Minglanilla: the town of Minglanilla’s wide activities to celebrate with great pride and in consonance with DepEd memorandums, particularly this school year 2008-2009. Thus, MNSHS hosted several “open house” events, lecture series and other activities last 3 years to highlight the school’s contribution to learning and culture. A featured event on the campus up to now is the development of special multiple-intelligences show type contest in order to expose the students with diverse kinds of intelligences they have.


            Narrative Report

  • MNSHS Tops Division Science Fair
  • The Access Staff Writer in News Category Joins RSPC ‘08

  • MNSHS Brings Out Top 2008 Winners in Intramurals

  • 25 MNSHS Staffers Emerged Victorious during Presscon Contests

  • Division Math Quiz Challenge: Another Thumb-Ups for MNSHS

  • Science Fair 2008 at Compostela: MNSHS Achieves Victory 

  • Students Technologists and Entrepreneurs of the Philippines (STEP) Regional Competition

  • Values Education Meet 2008

  • MNSHS Strikes at DSPC

  • MNSHS Joins “Tagisan ng Talino”

            English Dept. Activities Report

  • English Activities from June to December 2008

  • Adviser/Subject Teacher Activities Last School Year 2007-2008


MNSHS Tops Division Science Fair

The top contenders in the municipal levels within the province of Cebu were qualified to compete in the Division Science Fair, and one of the schools qualified to represent was Minglanilla National Science High School. Even with only one day of preparation, the MNSHS contestants were still victorious in the 2008 Division Science Fair, held last November 18 at Compostela National High School. 

The winners for individual quizzes: Carlo Galicia, 3rd place for 1st year category; Razziane Mae Segismar, 3rd place for 2nd year category; Gio Abastillas, 3rd place for 3rd year category; and Meldie Rose Sy, 6th place for 4th year category. The school also bagged 4th place for the Team Orals, with contestants Debbie Ellis Daniel (1st year), David Tsidkenu Corpuz (2nd year), Michelle Nicole Escuyos (3rd year), and Janine Aliganga (4th year). The coaches were very happy with the outcome of the contest, considering the fact that they had received the memo from the division office a day before the contest. This only proved that MingScians can still emerge victorious even in such a short period of time.

The Access Staff Writer in News Category-English Joins RSPC ‘08

The DepEd Region VII Schools Press Conference was formally opened last November 30 at the Mandaue City Sports Complex. The theme for this year’s RSPC is “Climate Change: A Call for Responsible Journalism.” The opening was followed by a series of lectures and contests for the campus journalists the next day after.

The opening events started early that day, with the registration of the delegates from the 19 divisions of Region VII. It was followed by a parade of all the delegates from the Mandaue City Plaza to the Sports Complex, where the opening program was held. Present in the affair were Mandaue Mayor Jonas Cortes, Rep. Nerissa Soon-Ruiz, Dr. Arden Monisit, and Dir. Recaredo Borgonia, to name a few. Each of them gave messages of welcome and inspiration for the delegates. The raising of the banners was led by Dir. Recaredo Borgonia, who was given the honor to raise the RSPC Flag. Meanwhile, the recitation of the Journalist’s Creed was led by Flora Mae Cruz of the MCCNHS.

The contest proper was held immediately the following day at the Mandaue City Comprehensive NHS. There was a one-hour lecture each for News Writing by Ms. Queenie S. Bronce, Copy Reading and Headline Writing by Ms. Connie Fernandez, Photo Journalism by Mr. Bien Fernandez, Sports Writing by Mr. Emmanuel Villaruel, Feature Writing by Ms. Mayette Tabada, Editorial Writing by Dr. Ramir Uytico, Editorial Cartooning by Mr. Ramesh Rosello, and Radio Broadcasting by Mrs. Jean Antiporta. After the lectures, the participants went to their respective venues for the contest.

In this regional presscon, Gio L. Abastillas, one of our students from Minglanilla National Science High School in News Writing Category got 7th place but 5th place in the Division Level.

The three-day annual Regional Schools Press Conference was organized by the DepEd VII to improve the journalistic skills of the campus journalists and their advisers. The winners of this affair will represent the region for the National Schools Press Conference on February 15-21, 2009 in the Division of Naga City, Region V with the same theme “Climate Change: A Call for Responsible Campus Journalism.”

MNSHS Brings Out Top 2008 Winners in Intramurals

Minglanilla National Science High School commemorated Intramurals last July 31 to August 1, 2008.

 It started with an opening ceremony, together with the banner making contest. The search for Ms. Intramurals was ensued, along with different game events like volleyball, basketball, table tennis, badminton, lawn tennis, chess, dart and scrabble.  

The seniors emerged champion in basketball. Kristofer Omiping was awarded as the Most Valuable Player of the said game.

The juniors defeated the seniors in volleyball. They proved to all that they are also strong in terms of spiking and hurling the ball to the opponents with straight whirling moves in both sides of the court.  

On the other hand, Kimberly Mae Saycon got the title for Miss Intramurals and David Corpus emerged champion in chess.  

The overall champion went to the juniors as they got “most of the wins” during ballgames’ showdowns.

25 MNSHS Staffers Emerged Victorious during Presscon Contests

MNSHS staff writers both in English and Filipino, together with other delegates from Southeast Schools joined the Southeast Area Level Campus Journalism Workshop. It held at Dalaguete National High School last October 25-26, 2008.

The campus journalists competed with other writers and they emerged victorious in different categories of journalistic writing. The contests, both in English and Filipino, were News, Editorial, Feature, Sports, Copyreading and Headlining, Photojournalism, and Editorial Cartooning.

News and Editorial Writings, Photojournalism and Copyreading were done on the 1st day while Feature and Sports Writings, Editorial Cartooning, and Photo-layout were done on the 2nd day. Game viewing for Sports Writing took place in Dalaguete Sports Complex in which the volleyball was the main event of the game.

Fortunately, almost all “The Access and Liwanag” staffers garnered and entailed themselves in 1st to 15th winning slots in their respective categories. For The Access staffers – English Edition (the coach is Dr. Ermetes F. Adolfo, Jr.), the 1st placers or champions were Dave Martjee Paug (III-Nickel) for Copyreading and Headline Writing and Carlo Galicia (I-Copper) for Editorial Writing. Galicia ranked also 3rd in News Writing. 

The other placers were Phoebe Sharmae Florida (5th placer), and Don Francis Acapulco (8th placer) in Photojournalism, Zea Ara Mai Galado (2nd placer) in Editorial Writing. She also grabbed the 6th place in Sports Writing. In the same category, Franzis Mari Lawas ranked also 8th place. Aldrin Navarro got the 2nd place in Editorial Cartooning while in News Writing Category, Gio Abastillas got the 2nd place. In Copyreading and Headline Writing Category, Keiana Lapitan got the 15th place. In Feature Writing Category, Jessa Montellano ranked 4th place while Wennie Langbid, Jr. ranked 5th place.

For Liwanag Staffers – Filipino Edition (the coach is Mrs. Begonia P. Tecson), Meldie Rose Sy got the 3rd place in Copyreading and Headline Writing. In News Writing, Damsel Mondido got the 1st place and Fritzie Cruda was on the 8th place. In Feature Writing, Justine Faith Basilla got the 3rd place and Lyn Alexia Pielago got the 2nd place. In Photojournalism, Robert Navales got the 11th place and the 12th place went to Khristbel Garem Garcia. In Editorial Cartooning, Vince Villagonzalo got the 2nd place and 4th place for Franklin Macarat. In Editorial Writing, Michelle Nicole Escuyos grabbed the 14th place and Joan Marisse Deguma for the 15th place. In Sports Writing, Jeffex James Canonigo was on the 3rd spot.

The aforementioned staffers were included in the top 15 to represent the Division Schools Press Conference at Consolacion Central School, Consolacion, Cebu on October 10-12, 2008.  

Division Math Quiz Challenge: Another Thumb-Ups for MNSHS

The Division Math Challenge is a competition of the best Math Wizards of every Municipality in the Division of Cebu.

Being a Science High School, Minglanilla National Science High School Math contestants have recently grabbed their 1st rank in the Municipal Level Math Quiz and they were definitely scheduled to compete in the Division Level. This beacons that the school proves its intellectual perseverance to win and prowess to beat all the opponents in one strike of answer.

Last November 21, 2008, the Division Level Math Quiz challenge took place in San Remegio National High School where 36 participants who came from different schools and won first to 3rd places in the Municipal Level were qualified to compete in the Division Level dubbed as The Battle of the Best Math Wizards.

Other Science High Schools were also present and they were there to compete, namely, Compostela Science and Technology and Medellen Science and Technology. Other public schools were also there that are well-known to be rivals of MNSHS in all the annual Math competitions.

The contestants: 1st year – Angelo Cabañero and Jade Lyle Betito ranked 5th place; 2nd year – Jeselle Aliganga ranked 10th place in individual category, 3rd year – Gio Abastillas and Shaira Abangan got  the 3rd place in team orals and 4th year – Janine Aliganga and Meldie Rose Sy got the 6th place in team orals. The coaches were Mrs. Cherry Lou Zapanta, (Math coordinator) and Mr. Russel A. Dulosa, Math teacher.

Science Fair 2008 at Compostela: MNSHS Achieves Victory 

Minglanilla National Science High School contenders vie with another crown of glory as they prove anew that they reign over other participating schools in Division Science Fair 2008. The 8 representatives from this learning institution never failed to be included in the top 10 every time there is an announcement of winners.

The competition was held in Compostela National Science High School on November 18, 2008, Tuesday at 8 o’clock a.m. There were 36 participants in the Division Level, but these participants were the “cream of the crop” in the Municipal Level and they were really good at the field of science.

The quiz bowl contest was represented by Janine Aliganga, Debbie Daniel, Michelle Escuyos and David Corpuz and they ranked 4th place. In quiz bee from 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year to 4th year: 1st year was represented by Carlo Galicia and he won 3rd place; 2nd year was represented by Razziane Mae Segismar and she won 4th place; 3rd year was represented by Gio Abastillas and he won 3rd place; and 4th year was represented by Meldie Rose and she won 6th place.

The school is looking forward to topping or panning out again not only in this level but also in the next level to come and other competitions the following year.

Student-Technologists and Entrepreneurs of the Philippines (STEP) Regional Competition

One of the students who happened to be an overall winner in STEP competition both in the municipal and division levels was singled out to compete in the regional level competition. She was chosen not only by her coach Mr. Franklin Luague, Jr. but also by the principal Mrs. Eutiquia S. Alday to have another breathtaking challenge in the field of technology.

A STEP quiz was conducted last November 4-7, 2008 in Sibulan, Dumaguete, Negros Oriental. Present during the regional competition representing Minglanilla National Science High School were Razziane Mae Segismar, 2nd year student and Mr. Franklin Luague, Jr, coach and T.L.E. coordinator. Segismar ranked 5th place in Business Techno Quiz and achieved the highest rank in Cebu Province Division.

20 Divisions in Region VII joined the STEP competition and they contended with 2 types of competition such as skilled and non-skilled competitions.

The school is proud again of the victory achieved by the ranked Mingscian in the 2008 STEP competition.

Values Education Meet 2008

Minglanilla National Science High School emerged victorious in Values Education Meet 2008. It got its straight wins that made the school very proud in this year’s competition.

Quiz bowl and “sayawit” competitions were the main events of the presentation. The contestants in quiz ball were Fatima Gaspe from III-Zinc, Lynn Alexia Pielago from IV-Platinum and Razziane Mae Segismar from II-Lead. All of them were 1st placers and ranked overall winners.

In the “sayawit” competition, selected 4th year students from Platinum and Uranium won 1st place in the Municipal Level, 1st place in the Congressional Level and 3rd place in the Division Level. The coach is Mrs. Helen L. Teo and she is assisted by Ms. Janedina Zafra for the choreography of “sayawit.” 

MNSHS Strikes at DSPC    

The Division Schools Press Conference (DSPC) has been patiently awaited by many schools in the province. And our school is just one of those schools hoping to get its place and be brought to the Regional Schools Press Conference. But will we be able to penetrate our way down to RSPC with all the staffers still in tact?

This school year, Minglanilla National Science High School has made its entrance all the way to Division Schools Press Conference. All the staffers were excited to have contested with another batch of bright student journalists around the province of Cebu. DSPC held last November 10-12, 2008 in Consolacion Central School which was really an awesome place with lots of views and destinations to go to. But the real goal of the campus journalists is to bring home the bacon and that is an award and that makes also this learning institution proud.

Each of the staffers enjoyed the sights and landmarks situated in Consolacion. They never wasted their time and spent some of it roaming around and buying stuffs, but most of the time, they spent it on practicing for their crown of glory. All of them worked hard for the upcoming contest that they will soon be encountering for next year contests.

During their stay, there has been an unforgettable presentation made by our very own Gio Abastillas who played the harp and Don Francis Acapulco with his violin which charmed the audience. But not just yet, several other schools also presented their own pride. Some sang songs, some danced and some even memorized a full-length poem.

Suddenly, the fun turned to thrill when the awarding ceremony began. One by one, names have been called, winners have been announced. A lot of them weren’t able to grab the first five slots, but they were still happy because one of the student writers from this school, Gio Abastillas, grabbed the fifth slot making him qualify for the upcoming RSPC. Although a lot of the staffers didn’t make it, they still enjoyed their 3-day stay in the Division Schools Press Conference held at Consolacion, Cebu.

MNSHS Joins “Tagisan ng Talino”

There have been unconfirmed statements about the students studying in our school, all from past to present, stating that they have the IQs, but not the attitudes. Some outsiders say that they are brats with uncontrollable pride, but they have just proven them wrong. A few of the students here in Minglanilla National Science High School were chosen to be part of the contest for the subject Values with the following categories: Sayawit and Tagisan ng Talino.

The said contestants are as follows: Tagisan ng Talino – Razziane Mae Seguismar, Fatima Gaspe and Lyn Alexia Pielago. Sayawit – Vanessa Zafra, Ronalyn Hisola, Dave Martjee Paug, Mariel Mae Mangubat, Maricris Macion, Liezel Cabardo, Aiko Caraan, William Rabosa, Danfrey Vito and Cathy Rena Reroma. They gave their best by practicing everyday, by studying and most importantly, by exerting efforts to prove to the people that they have the talents to show off just to give their best with the help of their volition and discipline. 

The contest for the Congressional Level was held at MNSHS. Some other schools went there to compete but only one is to be called “The Champion.” And that phrase is well suited for this school that got 1st place in both Sayawit and Tagisan ng Talino.

Truly, it was an amazing event that just recently happened. And to think of it, they haven’t just proven to those outsiders how well-disciplined the Mingscians are but also how fictional those statements they were saying about them. Besides, it is just normal to leave some pride inside of them but not too much.  So heads up Mingscians and proudly say that “You are just normal kids but with greater IQ!”


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