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Unique content is the most important criteria to succeed in the world of the web and to get more online visibility. The sales turnover, conversion rate, amount of traffic and a many other things depend on content. I think that everyone agrees with me when I say “Content is King”. However, content, like any other product is viewed by different reader in different ways. In other words, my friend might appreciate a particular content which might not go down well with me.

So how a “good content” is defined?

A “good content” can be defined as a piece which is unique, gives information, has a good format and is written in an easy understandable language. Content that sells is not only about a flair for writing but also about understanding the intricacies of the SEO world. Before starting on the content, you first need to understand the following:

  1. Target Audience: It’s a universal truth that you can’t please all. Hence before drafting content, a target audience to whom the content is being drafted for, should be earmarked. A loosely targeted content might not only be unpopular but may also backfire, tainting your reputation.
  1. Length: The content’s length is another very important factor that needs to be kept in mind. In the fast paced internet world, a long article, in spite of having a great content might be lost into oblivion, whereas a not so great short article might do much better. Morale of the story-Express your views in a concise manner.
  1. Food For Thought: Netizens love to read new stuffs & the more thought provoking, the better. Innovative content would make you a “popular read” and with time, a “must read” giving you more visibility with time.
  1. The Reference Stop: Creative content in itself might not be a lure. Put in a bit of a hard work; your site need not be the next “Wikipedia” but you can definitely make your content more reliable & trustworthy. This was you can become a one-stop reference in your field for many. Some readers if not all would definitely appreciate your efforts and would become your regular visitor.
  1. Like Mindedness: It’s not difficult to find people who share your own views and are willing to have a healthy debate on the same. If your content is all about opinions on issues that have been plaguing the time, people who share your views are bound to appreciate your work and contribute their bit to your content, in the form of comments etc.
  1. Argue: We all love an argument or a debate. If you take up a controversial topic & put out a convincing argument, it would definitely be a seller because people always like to read something controversial & spicy. Of course this does not mean that you can go about ranting & raving about any silly topic. However, if the topic is a valid one then it is bound to be a hit.
  1. Compile Videos: Given a choice between reading & watching a video, there would hardly be a handful of people who would choose the former. Videos are a great support to the content; your content will be much better explained & will be better received if there is a video accompanying it. So, don’t wait, start now  
  1. Headlines: More than 75% of the readers read an article based on the headline. An eye-catching headline is sure to arouse the curiosity of the reader. A headline also speaks about what the article / content is going to be, thus mentally preparing the reader to expect more details on the headline.
  1. Accuracy: While putting on the facts and figures in content, it is very essential that you sure about the facts. Accuracy is of prime importance without which your readers would never come back to you.
  1. Comments: If you can, try featuring a comments section on your article. This would not only bring in criticism but also positive feedback, both of which would help you improve your content for the future. Another point that I would want to emphasize is that whatever comments you get, make it a point to respond to them.
  1. Freshness of Content: The world is changing with every passing minute. With these fast-paced changes, the content should also be on the move. Unless your content is not fresh and appealing to your audience, be rest assured you are looking down the dark tunnel with no future on the web
  1. Visual Appeal: The content’s structure, the visual appeal also matters in its saleable quotient. A lesser quality content in an organized, eye-catching format might be preferred to quality content with a poor layout. The reason being, the visual appeal.

The above points are just a few major ones, which would make a ‘super-hit’ article. One must keep in mind that the reader would come to your website / blog only if he is sure that he would enjoy reading the content, get knowledge and some value addition.

Thus a combination of simple and understandable language, quality topic and the ability to gauge what the reader wants would make any article a “Must Read” and “My favorites” article.

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Chandni Panjwani writes for Directory Maximizer and it’s blog, which consists of articles on useful SEO tips and how to ensure your website copy is optimized for SEO


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