Edit Your Life With Commitments

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Edit Your Life with Commitments

Your commitments are evidenced by the results of all of the actions that you take to attain what you are committed to. All of the choices that you make, every minute of every day, are in support of your commitments. If you are happy and satisfied with the life you are living now, then your commitments are aligned with your ideals and your goals.

‘Reconsider a commitment. You have the right to change your mind.’

1. You have changed

Life never stands still. There is a constant state of change that is occurring in our lives on a daily basis. In my marriage for example, my wife and I have made a commitment to continue to flow with each other as we change. So just because we have changed we don’t drop our marriage commitment, but rather choose to adjust to allow for the growth of each of us. There is a changing of our minds as to how we will let each other blossom, and to become all that we were created to become as a couple and as individuals.

2. Those around you have changed

I have recently had to assist my two eldest children to leave the ‘business nest’ as it were. Both have been closely involved in my business for the past 7 years. But now that I have sold that part of my business they are now free spirits equipped with 7 years of training ready, though at times they may not feel it, to pursue their own ventures.

3. Circumstances have changed

Circumstances are fluid and change constantly. The way we addressed things yesterday may not necessarily work today. It requires fresh strategy. It requires fresh eyes. The old rules may not necessarily work in the new world. So courageously we must step forward to this uncharted place and begin to adjust our travel in accordance to our inward compass.

The commitment that will never change is a commitment to excellence, a commitment to love, a commitment to forgiveness, a commitment to reaching our goals, a commitment to family and close friends, and a commitment to be the best possible.

Your commitments dictate the choices that you make about what you do every day, and how you do it. Change your commitments and you will change your behaviors. That will change your life.



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