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As we all know we can chat with our facebook friends using the chat box, also we can chat with our friends using the facebook messenger. It is similar to yahoo messanger and We must download the software to chat with our friends. Using this we can chat with our online facebook friends without opening the facebook page. Just open the facebook messenger and login with it to chat with your friends.

Some times we will disturbed with the chat messages while accessing the facebook, by using the separate facebook messenger we will chat with our friends at our convenient time without opening the facebook. If we open the facebook at the same time of accessing the facebook messenger we will get two pop ups of the chat messages, so we must use this messenger separately whenever we are interested in facebook chat.

The concept of this facebook messenger is to chat with our facebook friends without any interference. If we use the normal chat feature in the facebook, we may disturbed with other status updates, comments or photos which is frequently updated by the system. IF we are using this facebook messenger for our chatting purpose, we don’t get this kind of updates and messages and we can concentrate in our chatting activities without any disturbance.

This messenger is specially designed for the persons whoever interested in facebook chat without disturbances. We can install this application easily as well as uninstall the application from our system easily if we feel normal chat is better for us. This messenger is user friendly option and attract a lot of facebook chat lovers. 

As we have lot of facebook friends and interested in chatting with them frequently, if we downloaded this messenger in our system, we can chat with our fb friends easily, however we can do the same in the normal facebook window with the right side chat box.

We can download this application in our smart phones easily and chat with our friends whenever wanted, most of the smart phone and tablet users like this messenger a lot. As it gives a great user friendly environment for facebook chat. What about you? Do you installed it in your system or mobile phone?


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