Use Your Vacation Days Wisely

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Use Your Vacation Days Wisely

Working all year without a vacation is like driving a car for 12 months without stopping to change the oil. You might keep running, but you’re probably heading for a breakdown.

“Vacations are an easy way to recharge the batteries and regroup for the next challenge,” Take a look at your work calendar and located any long weekends that your company gives you off for a national holiday. Make sure to black these days out, you would not want to use these for your precious vacation days, however what you will want to do is use the days to space out the time that you take off from work throughout the year, making it seem that you are getting more vacation time then you really are.

Another way to get the most of your vacation is set yourself up for a long weekend, instead of a whole week. By using the weekend as a free space you are allowing yourself to only have to take off a Friday and a Monday, and not using half of your vacation time on one trip.

Be Aware of Your Benefits

Vacation time may not be at the top of your list of items to ask about when job hunting, but it’s important to consider how corporate culture and job function might influence your vacation time.

“For those employees in seasonal industries, there are sometimes only certain windows during the year when employees usually take time off,” Meleliat points out. “Employees who work for other industries with continual workflow throughout the year sometimes take shorter and more frequent vacations.” If you’re doing a project-based job, you may have to time your vacations to coincide with the end of a project rather than a date on your kids’ school calendar.

The vast majority of companies still maintain the vacation/personal/sick day system. The purpose of sick days are quite obvious, they are to be used when you are sick. However, most companies grant only a finite number of days-if you have a more serious illness, you may have to start using your personal days, take an unpaid leave or go on disability, if you have that insurance coverage.

The distinction between personal and vacation days is a more clouded one. The concept behind personal days is that they be used to resolve personal conflicts/situations that may arise. For example, you might have to pick-up your mother from the airport, or go to a doctor’s appointment.

And if you’re faced with the prospect of working for a boss who says there’s to be no vacation at all, perhaps you need to search for a more vacation-friendly workplace.



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