Hobbies & Earnings

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Hobbies help us to get relaxation and refreshment, different kind of people is having different kind of hobbies based on their interest. In my childhood days i like to draw and very much interested in painting. It is my favorite hobby as well as like to watch TV, listen music, read books and play games.

Some persons are interested in different kind of arts like bead works, stitching, painting, designing and so on and have this kind of activities as their hobbies. This kind of hobbies give them relaxation and satisfaction as well as they can earn money based on their work, if they focus in their hobby and do a lot of art work they can earn a lot based on it. In this way hobbies help us to earn money.

Now a days we are living in a fast world and we are in need to be fast, we don’t have enough time for little things. We are busy with online/offline activities in most of the time and forget about our past time hobbies.

Previously i like to draw in my free time as well as read books while getting time. But now i am spending my free time in online and browsing net is one of my hobby now and forget about the past hobbies. 

Most of us don’t have leisure time in the fast world. Any way some persons are very much stick with their hobby and allocate some time for it. I don’t find time for my hobbies and overall i forget my hobbies now and surfing net is my only hobby to get relaxation and refreshment. While surfing in net we forget about most of our things and getting refreshment with it. 

Still some persons find time to do their hobbies due to their interest, as they are verymuch interested in doing their hobbies like painting, stitiching and others and make income based on their work. We will get double benefit with this kind of hobbies, we are passing our time in a good way as well as make money for our work. What about you? Do you have enough time to do your hobbies? Are you forget about your hobbies like me? Do you think online have the ability to make you to forget about other things? Are you earning money from your hobbies? What are your hobbies which helps you to make money?


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