For Sale By Owner, The Only Way To Save

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For Sale By Owner – as a home owner what comes to mind when you hear this term. This is a four letter wonder word that can save you thousands of dollars and give you a peace of mind selling your home. Peace of mind doesn’t only comes with money you save but selling as For Sale By Owner also provides the comfort and ease which is quite opposite for those selling without this.

For many of the home owners the term For Sale By Owner might be new. For Sale By Owner means selling your home independently with no outside interference of real estate agent. This means you decide the selling price of your home, you decide the buyer you want to sell home to, you decide how much price negotiation to be done and you decide how much you want to spend on selling as For Sale By Owner.

With all the decision making power you are bound to save while selling as For Sale By Owner. But how to start this? Well, the first step would be choosing a discount realtor who will list your home in MLS. Discount realtor is the one who has the access to MLS and will help you list as For Sale By Owner. Listing in MLS is not a big task when this is done by an experienced discount realtor. He/She is the one who will help you in guiding the way through and help in doing all the paper work to be done for MLS listing.

Another question would come in mind, what I save with discount realtor? Savings would be huge if you take all expenses into account while selling as For Sale By Owner. Right from start home owners who decide selling as For Sale By owner start making savings.
1) They don’t need to hire any real estate agent to sell their home. This would save those thousands of dollars in sales commission home owner would pay for closing the deal. Sales commission can be anything around 6-5% of the home value that can be in thousands.

2) Selling as For Sale By Owner don’t incur any advertisement cost which is the best above all. Posting advertisements in local newspapers and magazines is a very costly and tedious affair.

3) When you sell as For Sale By Owner and list your home in MLS, discount realtor would charge few hundred dollars as listing fees. This is a small percentage of cost that home owners might spend in printing advertisements.

4) Selling as For Sale By Owner you have the liberty to negotiate the home price with the buyer. This gives an added advantage to these home owners to close the deal at the price they think is appropriate.

5) Discount realtor in compare to traditional real estate agent won’t charge hefty sales commission and that would also save hell lot of money. This doesn’t have any impact on services provided by discount realtor to list your for sale by owner property.


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