New Mazda Cx5 Surrey

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Mazda consistently offer an innovative range of vehicles and have been doing so since the formation of the company in the first half of the 20th century. The Japanese enterprise quickly converted from a general mechanical goods producer to a manufacturer of vehicles, just as worldwide sales of cars were growing at an ever-increasing rate. The company soon became known for its support of exciting new technology, with the funding of the rotary ‘Wankel’ engine in the 1960s giving sports cars from Mazda, as well as motorbikes, a certain edge over competing companies’ products, thanks to a greatly improved power to weight ratio. The company continues to use this style of engine in sports oriented vehicles, such as the RX8 sports car.

Innovation at this company did not stop with the rotary engine; the latest range continues to employ new technology to improve performance over their predecessors and competitors. Customers awaiting the arrival of the new Mazda CX5 will know that this car features the very newest technology from Mazda, known as Skyactiv. People will soon be able to buy new Mazda CX5 Surrey, as this new car is slated for release in spring 2012. The car will be available at all registered Mazda retailers, such as the T W White dealership serving Surrey. Customers looking for an easy way to buy the new Mazda CX5 Surrey dealership, T W White, will soon be stocking will be able to see the car in the showroom, arrange for a test drive and discuss finance terms with the friendly and experienced sales staff.

The CX5 shows improvements over previous models in many different areas. The first impression is that of a fully fledged SUV type car, however, closer inspection reveals that this car is much more of a hybrid in design, this means that it offers the design of an SUV without the excess size that makes such vehicles cumbersome in cities. The car also features a range of options to satisfy customers with various requirements. All CX5s come with the new Skyactiv suite of technologies, a range of improvements designed to make the car easier, more fun and safer to drive. Improvements in aerodynamic design also mean this car is very economical to run and is environmentally friendly, thanks to its low emissions.

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