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The Mazda company has always been strongly associated with providing the automotive world with fresh ideas that help move the industry forward. A typical example of this is the funding the company ploughed into radical new design concepts several decades ago, most notably culminating with the introduction of the rotary engine design that is still popular as an option for motorbikes, thanks to the high power to weight ratio. It is still to be found in two sports car models from Mazda, the RX7 and the RX8. Not all innovations are perfect, but they are necessary to keep the industry vibrant and forward looking. Today, Mazda is still not afraid to try new concepts; the CX5 is a prime example. This is a new model that features many innovative ideas and improvements, while remaining true to the principles learned from previous models.

The CX5 is an example of the crossover vehicle, a type design that borrows elements both from regular road cars and also from the world of SUVs and four by four off road vehicles. While there are advantages to both types of car, for people who would like to own an SUV, but are put off from buying one because they are aware that they are expensive to run and can be unwieldy to drive in town, ordinary cars seem like the only choice. Crossovers change all that by shrinking an SUV down to a size that is only slightly larger than a ‘normal’ car. Thenew Mazda CX5 Reading SUV enthusiasts have been waiting for can be bought as a sensible compromise that bridges the gap between a normal car and an SUV.

The advantages of a crossover, such as the new Mazda CX5 Reading dealership, WLMG are about to put on display in their showroom in the town offers substantially improved fuel efficiency compared to the typical SUV. Short journeys are not advised with an SUV, as they are the most inefficient in terms of fuel burning. The more compact size of the new Mazda CX5 Reading car buyers might be considering purchasing ensures that fuel economy is better for any kind of journey. In addition, the car features the Skyactiv range of improvements, which are specially engineered to improve performance and efficiency across the board. CX5 owners will not only become aware that fuel consumption is lower, but also that the improvements in engine efficiency has also resulted in more power being available.

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