New Mazda Cx5 Norwich

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Today, there are more cars available on the market than ever before. Ever since the car started to become popular as a means of transport, there have been many different types introduced and these have evolved into models we are familiar with today. Perhaps one of the most recent new styles is the SUV or Sports Utility Vehicle, which evolved from the rugged four by four cars that gained popularity first as military vehicles and more recently as the general-purpose off-roaders popular with farmers and anyone who needs to drive off the beaten track. SUVs are one step away from off-roaders and generally speaking, most of them are never actually driven off-road. However, the rugged styling and luxuriously spacious interiors of the SUV are very attractive to city dwellers, so there is no shortage of drivers who wish to own such a car. The drawback of owning a large SUV is that they take up a great deal of space and do not offer the same level of flexibility as a ‘normal’ car, especially in an urban environment.

For example, they can be awkward to manoeuvre and park in tight spaces.  

The new Mazda CX5 sidesteps these issues by being more compact than a traditional SUV, while offering considerably more interior space than a standard car to make it a worthwhile option for people who are looking for something a little different. The CX5 is a brand new model from the Japanese company and the new Mazda CX5 Norwich dealership Wrights-Mazda are introducing will be available from spring 2012. The new Mazda CX5 Norwich SUV fans have been waiting for is sure to prove an instant success, especially when it is purchased from a dealer of the calibre of Wrights-Mazda. Customers have the peace of mind that their new car is backed up by all the standard Mazda warranties, finance options and comprehensive after sales care and support.

For people interested in a new Mazda CX5 Norwich is a great place to be, because it is home to Wrights-Mazda, an approved Mazda dealership. It is also good to know that the car comes with all of the latest advances in fuel efficiency and performance technology. SUVs are known for their substantial engines and power; however, this comes at the cost of poor fuel consumption. The CX5 features a high compression ratio engine that extracts as much power as possible from the fuel, leading not only to improved power production, but also lower fuel consumption.

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