New Mazda Cx5 Kilmarnock

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Mazda is a company well known for producing cars that defy current conventions, while remaining true to what customers are looking for; the company’s cars are especially well known for providing some of the best and most enjoyable performance available in their respective price brackets. In the sports car sector, Mazda easily edges out big sports car brands, with its MX5, which is the most popular two-seat sports car in the world, with over a million sold to date. The company has always had a focus on innovations that will lead to truly improved cars and with a history stretching back to the mid 20th century, Mazda have a track record in  providing a total driving experience that is hard to beat.

New Mazda CX5 Kilmarnock dealership, Verve Mazda, are stocking this exceptional new model, making it easy for residents of this part of Scotland to arrange a test drive. The CX5 is one of the newest models to be introduced to the Mazda range and of course this car more than lives up to the Mazda reputation. Practical performance is the name of the game with the new Mazda CX5, though the car does not compromise on any other aspects, particularly style. A cursory inspection of the car reveals that it is designed along classic SUV lines, but with typical Mazda touches added to enhance the overall appearance in line with the company’s current range of vehicles. The CX5 has a higher ride than standard cars, wider wheelbase and a chunkier overall body. However, for those concerned about the possibility that an SUV is overkill for day to day driving, the CX5 has been designed with the purpose of producing an SUV that is just as easy and practical to drive as a regular car

By taking a test drive in the new Mazda CX5 Kilmarnock, SUV enthusiasts will find it easy to navigate the congested roads of the most confined urban setting. The car will also fit easily into regular parking spaces.

Other advantages to buying a new Mazda CX5 Kilmarnock dealership Verve Mazda, have in their showroom is the improved efficiency of the engine. This model is available with a choice of both direct injection petrol and turbo-charged diesel, both of which offer excellent levels of performance, thanks to very high compression ratios. They also offer great fuel efficiency, thanks both to the design of the engine and the aerodynamic styling of the bodywork.

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