New Mazda Cx5 Edinburgh

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Mazda is one of the best-known car manufacturers in the world today. Like many of its competitors in Japan, the Mazda car company was founded in the first half of the last century and did not originally make cars. The company instead made tooling and equipment largely targeted at industry and agriculture. However, the rapid rise in popularity of the private car and everyday use of vehicles in business and commerce meant that the company saw the advantage of moving into the automotive industry. It began manufacturing cars in earnest under the Mazda name, but did not actually adopt the Mazda name until the 1980s. The name ‘Mazda’ comes from an Eastern god of wisdom, which is indicative of the ethos of the company and design teams when they produce the company’s vehicles. Innovation and experience are combined to produce new and original designs that benefit the customer. Mazda have contributed significantly to the field of engine design with their rotary Wankel engine,

a novel concept that actually provides a marked improvement over standard piston engines when it comes to producing a great deal of power from an incredibly small and lightweight power plant.

The Mazda company continually refreshes its line up of cars and the new CX5 Edinburgh dealership, Western-Mazda will be stocking from spring 2012 is the newest addition to the range. The CX5 is based on the concept of a crossover vehicle, cars that are halfway between the size of an SUV and a standard family saloon. The advantages of owning a crossover, rather than a regular car is that the former has a higher ride and roomier interior, without taking up too much more space on the ground. The CX5 scores over the regular sized SUVs in that it is slightly smaller: to many, a full sized SUV is simply excessive. For potential buyers of the CX5 Edinburgh SUV enthusiasts need only pay a visit to Western Mazda in order to see for themselves what all the fuss is about.

In addition to stocking the new Mazda CX5 Edinburgh residents, along with those living in the surrounding area can take a look at the full range of Mazda vehicles that are on display in Western-Mazda’s showroom in the city. The company also operates a comprehensive service and repair facility. If you decide to purchase a new Mazda various finance options can be arranged by contacting a member of the company’s sales team

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