New Mazda Cx5 Colchester

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The new Mazda CX5 is one of the most exciting new products from this well-known international car designer and manufacturer for quite some time. It provides a fresh approach to the SUV concept, making the often unwieldy four wheel drive template into a much more manageable sized car that is suitable for many different types of driver. For anyone who has considered buying an SUV, but has been put off by the high running costs and lack of practicality in terms of urban driving, the new CX5 may just be the car they are looking for. The footprint of this model is smaller than a typical SUV, which means that it is easier to manoeuvre and will fit into many parking spaces and garages that would be off limits to a normal SUV. In addition, this model incorporates some new features that will serve to make it an even more tempting prospect;

these are combined under the Skyactiv banner and in short, they work together to make the new Mazda CX5 Colchester SUV enthusiasts have been waiting for a safer, more efficient and smoother running car than its predecessors.

The CX5 is available in the UK and for prospective buyers the new Mazda CX5 Colchester dealership, Underwoods, is the place to go. This long established and highly reputable company is registered to sell the entire Mazda range of vehicles. Underwoods Motor Group has been in the business selling cars for over a quarter of a century and in that time has amassed an in depth knowledge of Mazda products and knows exactly how to provide a high quality service to its customers. In addition, Underwoods offers full service and MOT testing facilities, making it a one-stop shop for Mazda owners.

Performance is a key feature of this car. The Skyactiv engine features one of the highest compression ratios around. This results in a very fuel efficient and powerful unit, whether the petrol or diesel unit is selected. A choice of direct injection petrol engine or turbo-charged diesel engine is available. If you are in any doubt about which type of engine to go for in your new Mazda CX5 Colchester is the place to go for advice from Underwoods, whose sales team will be happy to discuss the pros and cons. In addition to a great engine, the car is designed for optimal aerodynamic performance, leading to great handling and higher fuel efficiency, as less energy is wasted overcoming air resistance.

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