New Mazda Cx5 Cardiff

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From spring 2012, the new Mazda CX5 Cardiff dealership, Victoria Park Mazda is shortly to take delivery of the new Mazda CX5. This is a crossover SUV type car that offers a great compromise between the rugged design of a full-size SUV or four by four and combines it with the more normal size and practicality of a large family car. The result is a vehicle that will appeal to a wide range of potential customers, from families who need plenty of luggage space to accommodate children and baggage, to professionals who live in a city environment, but want to have the experience of driving an SUV type car without the hassle of size and running costs. The CX5 succeeds in providing a driving experience that is markedly different from that of a standard saloon, yet does not suffer from the typical downsides of a large sports vehicle, namely that such cars are often tricky to manoeuvre around tightly packed urban streets, negotiate traffic jams and find suitable parking spaces.

By using a crossover instead of an SUV, drivers can get the best of both worlds.

The new Mazda CX5 Cardiff SUV enthusiasts have been waiting for can be found at the Victoria Park dealership, a large Mazda registered dealer that serves the whole Cardiff area. A crossover vehicle is particularly attractive to such customers, due to the inherent flexibility of such vehicles, their excellent handling characteristics and an ability to comfortably cope with a degree of off road driving.

The new innovations that are included in the new Mazda CX5 Cardiff garages are selling are put together in a package known as Skyactiv, which comprises a bundle of new features that together provide a marked improvement over previous models in almost all areas; safety, driver experience, performance and efficiency. This means that not only is the CX5 a convenient option for driving under almost all conditions; it also costs much less to run than alternatives with similar performance.

The CX5 is available to purchase from spring 2012 and customers in the Cardiff area will be able to take one for a test drive by simply contacting Victoria Park Mazda, which is the largest Mazda dealer in the region. In addition to the CX5 visitors to the showroom will also be able to check out the full range of Mazda vehicles and discuss the financial options that are currently available with a member of one of the helpful and knowledgeable sales staff.

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