New Mazda Cx5 Broughshane

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The 2012 line up from Mazda is especially interesting. Primarily, the CX5 offers numerous new features to set it apart from its major competitors in the SUV sector; it also draws on the company’s decades of experience in car design and production.

The new CX5 is available all across the world and is also being launched in dealerships around the UK. For customers who are looking for a new Mazda CX5 Broughshane dealership, Walter Young Mazda will be stocking the model from spring 2012. The company is a full Mazda dealership and has all the latest offerings from the Japanese manufacturer on display in its showroom. It also has a selection of quality used models, making it a comprehensive one-stop shop for all things Mazda.

The company has an interesting history; the premises were originally a school, which offered a high standard of education to pupils in the Broughshane area from the latter part of the 1800s up until the 1960s, when it unfortunately closed down. However, the premises were taken over by the Walter Young company in the early 1970s and the buildings were converted to house a large car dealership, which was operated as a family business. The company is still owned by the original three brothers who founded it and its strong values are reflected by the excellent service provided to customers.

By taking a test drive in thenew Mazda CX5 Broughshane car enthusiasts from across County Antrim will quickly find that it has an impressive performance, thanks to a number of features that Mazda have included in the package. Collectively, these features are known as Skyactiv’ technology and include a number of changes and improvements to typical Mazda engineering. The first is to the engines, which now feature higher compression ratios, thus extracting more useful energy from fuel, leading directly to both higher performance and improved efficiency, as less energy is wasted as pollutants. Secondly, each CX5 with Skyactiv has a shell that is designed for greater aerodynamic efficiency. This leads to several other improvements, the most obvious being manoeuvrability and general performance as the car is more aerodynamically efficient.

This also results in a more comfortable ride for both driver and passengers and means that less energy is wasted overcoming frction.

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