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There are several smartphones available from the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer in the smartphne market, and here in this article we will compare HTC phones to get an idea about these new entries, so should we start the journey?

HTC One X:

Whilst smartphone reviews possess an irritating habit of totally contradictory depending on who is writing the reviews & what the major needs of these technology bloggers are, we think that the One X’s are probable to agree more than common. From our own position, we are lost without our handset & thus we anticipate the device to outshine at daily attributes whilst we care less about gimmick attributes, and don’t you also believe that extra attributes only spoil the performance of the device?

The HTC One X is well-designed, it is the swiftest handset in the smartphone market, and the device has an easy to use operating system, also has the most excellent all-round display, flaunts a superior snapper set-up & also possesses some potentially-nifty attributes such as Beats Audio & Near Field Communication, so you are spending a premium price however what you receive is the most excellent all-round handset in the marketplace… at least till we see the next version appears, and don’t you think in the industry the life of a gadget is too short? So, should we compare more HTC phones?

HTC One V:

HTC One V is the affordable one out of the trio launched at the Mobile World Congress few weeks ago, and it seems like the Taiwanese mobile manufacturer is trying to woo budget-conscious consumers, who are easily allured by the high-end devices.  The HTC One V is a decent inexpensive handset, hence do not expect this device to defeat or outperform those high-end smartphones, and this will be ideal for consumers who are searching for an inexpensive Android-running handset, do you also look at these budget handsets before buying any expensive handset?

HTC Titan 2 deals:

HTC Titan 2 is the flagship model from the Asian giant, and works on the newly found Windows Phone platform, although do you think HTC should only focus on Android as of now? We are not sure about the topic but this handset hasn’t received much success because of its higher price in comparison with the Nokia Lumia 900, so is this war over? The Taiwanese major needs to focus a bit on the pricing of their devices, and should not give the Windows Phone a step-motherly treatment as this OS can also grow up to be a popular platform among consumers, so will HTC will again release a device build on this platform?

HTC One S deals, HTC One X deals or any other handset, all handsets from the Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer are available with several prominent service providers such as Vodafone, Virgin, Three, and in all popular formats like contracts, pay as you go and SIM free deals, so users do not have to visit the online world now.

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If you like to compare HTC phones, here’s your chance to get an in-depth analysis of some of the most popular smartphones out there in the market like htc desire s deals , and we have always enjoyed eliminating the need for visiting online world.


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