Worlds Most Dangerous Man

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A man with a gun RAPES a nation with whole world as spectator. He ravages the nation, makes it moan, makes it grieve, and makes it bleed. He f* **s it hard and the nation rewards him with 24*7 security, monthly expenditure amounting to rs.1.67 crores.

Welcome to “INDIA” 

F*** it, screw it, nail it, pin it and u will be showered with crores and the man (if he still classifies into being called a man) is our OWN Amir Ajmal Kasab.

26Nov. 2008 bloodiest day in Indian History when enemy of nation kasab made death run wild into Indian veins, all his glorious acts being captured live still run through our minds. But Kasav (originally meaning butcher)  still breathing is a national shame. Every breath he takes,,, every inch of life in him, every ounce of blood in him is the blood he sucked from us. Killing 86 unarmed people and claiming to be a messenger of Allah. His words on being caught were ” I did no wrong this is what Indians deserve”

Being upheld twice for capital punishment since Feb. 2010, intervening of Human Rights stalled his death but why do we have human rights for those who cremated their humanity a long time ago.

With each day kasab is alive is another nail in India’s coffin. The day he would be hanged would be marked as a day we all breathe free and you know why I care about it because this is about your life and mine. The government cares more about the human rights of a parasite who isn’t even a citizen of the country so that a bunch of f*****g terrorists can come in and massacre our people. With him alive we are losing our right to pursue freedom of life and this ain’t something that happens far away this is happening right here. I see our govt. doing nothing about it, it suffocates me, I long to see him being hanged till death. Our constitution once read Government by the people, of the people and for the people but now it reads government pin the people, fuck the people and screw the people.  The day he dies will be the day when builders of the nation will rest in peace. It will be the day when Indians will STOP EXISTING AND START LIVING.

I am no critic of the government or Indian law system. I m just an ordinary citizen like you who wants JUSTICE who wants that souls of our country people rest in peace.


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