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The main challenge in building a nation is to build the source
human resources bekualitas a healthy, intelligent, and productive. Achievement
human development as measured by the Human Development Index (HDI)
have shown encouraging results in the last three decades.
In 2003, Indonesia was still low at HDI ranks 112 of the
174 countries, lower than neighboring countries. This extremely low HDI
influenced by low nutritional status and health status of the population, this
seen from the still high infant mortality rate of 35 per thousand
live births and under-five mortality by 58 per thousand live births
and 307 maternal deaths per hundred thousand live births. More than half
infant and child mortality under five are caused by poor nutritional status of children under five.
Poverty and malnutrition are interrelated phenomena, by
because it enhances the nutritional status of a society is closely related to efforts
economic improvement. Several studies in many countries shows that
the proportion of infants with low birth weight decreased with an increase in revenue
national of a country.
In general it can be said that the economic improvement as a result of
reduction of malnutrition can be seen from two sides, the first decrease in the cost
associated with mortality and morbidity and on the other hand will increase the
productivity. At least the economic benefit gained as a result of
improvement of nutritional status are: reduced infant and child mortality under five,
reduced cost of care for neonates, infants and toddlers, productivity
increased due to reduced child suffering from malnutrition and the
increase in intellectual ability, reduced costs due to chronic diseases
and the increased benefits of “intergenerational” by improving the quality of healthcare.
Nutritional problems can occur in all age groups, even nutritional problems in
a particular age group will affect the nutritional status in the period
the life cycle of the next (intergenerational impact). The gestation period is
period will determine the quality of human resources in the future, because of growing
development of children is largely determined by the condition when the fetus in the womb.
However, keep in mind that the state of health and nutritional status of pregnant women
also determined in advance, when the teens or school age.


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