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Start the day Sunday, April 1 I have made some observations which I will make the kiosk a place to learn entrepreneurship. I visited around 12.00 to just chat with the owner of the kiosk.
This store called Kiosk 45 is located at number 45 in the Ivory Markets. More precisely than the main door and then turn left and go, well that’s where stalls are located.
In this store there are no employees who helped. There are only a father and mother are waiting for store owners store. The shop is open from 05.00 to 17.00.
After I talked a lot with the store owner, I finally got approval for just helping and interacting directly with the buyer. And I will begin to help here in the next day after class hours for 4 days.
The first day and so I just got a job check-ordered items from sales and arrange sales of goods that come later for another job of helping mothers to wrapping an 1/4an sugar and eggs 1/4an. And serving customers directly. I see a mother wraps 1/4an oil but I can not help, because it is difficult for the new prefix like me.
Indeed, this store is a wholesale and retail stores. During the morning, the store was crowded as the morning is a solid buyer activity. However, I am not allowed to help in the morning because of a pain to actually be very annoying. During the day, many market traders who buy from this stall because of low prices and do not need to spend all the way to supply their needs.
In the afternoon at 15:00 when I got there was quiet a buyer. Another party also stalls were closed but still open 45 kiosks because it still packs the goods for the next day. Because I was there only late afternoon so I just met a few customers. How many buyers in a day, I also do not know exactly. When I asked his income, the mother said “yes, about 5-6jt Ms. gross per day”.


  • The need for expansion of the store, so items do not accumulate,
  • Need for additional staff,
  • The necessity of dividing the items that are more specific, and
  • The need copyan note to check incoming and outgoing goods.

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