Concept of Religion

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Each and every person is belongs to some caste and religion. Some persons give a lot of importance to it and the other hand, some persons never care about the religion. Giving importance to religion is not bad until it don’t do any harm to other person. We don’t have any rights to do ill to another person or other religion people with the name of caste and religion.

Each and every religion teaches love and affection in their base. Any religion don’t support violence and war. All religion gives importance to mankind and unity of man. So using religion name for our unwanted fight is not a good thing.   

All religion people have faith in their god and all god teach the same concept with different words. The base of religion is to love each and every person and treat them as equal like ourself. Don’t do any ill against other person in the name of religion. God never like and support this kind of unwanted activities.   

Religions are important to our life, only if we know the concept of it. That is we realize each and every religion and god teach the brotherhood policy and like the peace of the world without violence.

Each and every religion  have their own principles and belief. They have their own holy books and give a lot of good information via that holy book. All religion is having a lot of similarities and common points. All religions principle is to gather all the human’s together and make them as brothers and sisters. All religions believe that god always give a lot of things to the people who is having a lot of helping tendency and help others as much as they can.

All of them taught us to do a lot of good things to go near to the god in the heaven and the persons who is doing a lot of ills and doing things against to the god will go to the hell. So there is a lot of common points between the religions and all their main goal is to reach the god with noble activities.

I am not a great fan of my religion, but i have faith with it, no one brain washed me to follow this religion, i get my religion by my birth and following it till today. I am not a great religious person and don’t want to hurt other persons feelings with my religious feelings and activities.

In my opinion each and every one in this world have their own rights to follow a certain religion based on their willingness no one have the rights to change their religion and brain wash them to follow a certain religion.   

Converting from one religion to other religion is our own wish, if we are impressed with an religion and like their quotes and methods like worship, living style we may convert to that religion with our own wish, but don’t convert your religion for other person’s forcing activity. we all have our own rights to follow our religion and no one have the ability to force or brain wash us to join with their community until we are strong in our mind.


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