Pirate Bay – Should it go or Should it stay

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So recently in the news we have seen a whole wrath of information coming to light about Pirate Bay and companies trying to sue them.

Pirate Bay is probably one of the most popular file sharing sites on the internet. Launched around five years ago, the website has now grown to have over fifteen million users and nearly one million files shared. And did you know that you can make money for sharing torrents on Pirate Bay, and any other torrent site that you can think of? You can also make money for sharing files on p2p networks. The beauty of using file sharing for profits is that you don’t have to do any advertising for your products, you just find popular products and put them into a shared folder on the internet for everybody to use and people do the rest of the work for you. You never have to advertise because people will always be searching for your files. And in todays day and age of downloading just imagine how much money you could make if you got paid every time somebody downloaded something from you.

The site has always faced controversy as in 2006 policed seized computers and shut down the site. Since then the four founders have faced charges of copyright. But I in no way endorse copyright but the money being spent on taking them to court, could it not be better spent in securing there systems and developing technology to stop these type of things happening in the future.

We all knew what happened to Napster a few years back, when they got shut down for massive illegal file sharing, so over the past few years why have music industries not prepared themselves for this? Since Napster got closed down, there has been a huge increase in file sharing and nothing has been done to protect the music or files.

I am sure with a big campaign the following useful things could be done, most pirated or copied software and music comes from an original source of someone buying the product and then replicating it. Well why not stop people from doing it right from the beginning? A piece of software that asks for authentication, the code should only be able to used once and the system it was registered on be sent back and recorded in a database. That file can then be blocked from being emailed or distributed with auto detection facilities a bit how firewalls work.

That should cover the first part, the next section would be to eliminate cracking of codes, software and music as this is again a major way of distribution. Each and every piece of software and media file should contain an encrypted function which if gets cracked into goes into action and corrupts the file from future use.
All of these are just basic implementations that the market can make protecting themselves. It’s a bit like saying I am leaving my house door open just please don’t come in and take anything. Sooner or later it will get taken and there’s no one to really blame apart from your self not securing the home.


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