Honour Killing- A Bias Tradition

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Honour killing as we all know is an age old tradition wherby a person is thrown into the clutches of death under the purview that he/she has brought dishonour to the family,community or society.Can a person’s crime be so grave that he is snatched off his right to live?? Moreover, it has been observed that the number of females who fall prey to this tradition is far more than their male counterparts particularly in the southeast and middleeast asia.

I fail to understand why females are considered harbinger of misery to the family.From the time they take their first breath in this not so known world,they are considered as a burden to their family.Doing household chores,taking care of the young ones,helping their mothers and just working according to the will of their family is what an ideal daughter is supposed to do.She becomes a mere puppet who does not have any emotions,needs or virtues,whose every other action is predetermined and controlled.Despite having skills,dreams and even the desire to fulfill them, they are restricted to the confines of the house fearing what consequences it will lead to once they are set free. After going through all this if a girl dares enough to raise her voice and go against the age old customs and beliefs,she is caught in the trap set up by the ‘so called wise men’ who disapproves her actions under the name of customs and there goes one more life under the name of honour killing,surely repenting her decision to choose a different path. I do know that we all are great onlookers but its high time now we need to bring this custom to an end. i might be sounding as a female chauvernist trying to speak for the unspoken and opressed and not against the very custom of honour killing. but the fact of the matter remains that we live in a boy-worshipping society wherein even the greatest sins done by them are neglected while the minutest harm done by a girl is considered so grave that even death sentence seems to be less!!! what hurts is that even beliefs are moulded according to the sex a person is born in, which in itself is ridiculous.lets do our bit by wiping this custom from the face of earth and being equal in our attitude towards both the sexes in every sphere of life…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


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