Soul of Fisherman

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Are not the weather that evening, a black cloud appears in the sky above the beach Indramayu. Waves dash high stones breaker waves. Storms sweep all that is on the beach. Already a sunday the weather is not friendly at this beach. Boat-fishing boat just wiggle bound in the dock, as it came down to the sea in weather like this means suicide. No one can do them if the weather is always like this. Meanwhile, the fishermen have to find food for their families, and other needs sufficient. If they do not go down to the sea ago what they will eat, and school fees for their children, also to pay the debt and rent boats.
A fisherman sits in the dock edge, his eyes looked to the high seas, such as the wish to penetrate the increasingly large waves. Eradiate face shape angry, afraid and desperate. During this time he needs to eat sufficient family, pay school and other children’s work as a fisherman. And what can he do if the sea continues to go mad. Whether he should be desperate to go down even though the sea is dead.
In a confused mind he decided to go fishing.
“My wife … I must leave,” said the fisherman
“My husband, see the sea waves so vicious, it’s very dangerous,” answered his wife to prevent the husband not to go to sea. The crying child ask his father not to leave fishing.
“But what should I do, while the supply of food and money we have already become.” The husband is forced to keep leaving.
“Never pack, we can do something else, to wait for a calm sea”, the gentle wife.
Men’s is only holding silent shock on the heart. In his think war between the demands and responsibilities  does not freeze the situation at that time. What should he do, while only expertise as fishermen, already integrates with the soul of the sea. Sea that has been raising himself, who has been give pride. From the sea so to become more meaningful, as the sea itself feel respected.
For wave and storm run into something that is normal, it sometimes gives joy, spirit racilly ready to accept challenges. But this time something is making them hesitate to see the storm rage at this time. In his think whether he is so old, if he becomes a coward?
Perhaps because the first is still young and not married, so that he can do without all the other considerations. But now he must think that he is a father who has a wife and children. What if his death and woe, who will feed his wife and son. Many things that make them afraid, but on the other hand, he had to remain ahead for the survival of his family. In the chaotic thoughts make them feel tired, until eventually the family was in asleep.
Dark night wrap village by the beach, the quiet life as without, except for the sound waves strike the rocks of the beach. Village as the village is dead, forgotten by pulse of life. While there have been born fisherman-fishing firm, against the sea waves which is very violent. But now the village is only a parent-a parent who tries to live with the ability to have them.
While the young men who fled the village much to the city for work. According to them, when still living in the village and a fisherman, this means that the future will be bleak. They assume that the work as fishermen or less respectable. For those working in the city, his job any better than a fisherman.

The sun has begun to rise from the east, the sound is cock ring replication. Although the sun has started shining but the air is still cold, because the sea breeze still blow fast enough. Almost two sunday are not weather, storms and waves as the sea does not want to stop it on the small village.
From a small house a mother and her child suddenly ran out toward the beach. The mother cried out to call her husband, her son cried out to call father. Sound they compete for the thunder storms and waves. Up to vote them out and can only droop. What is happening with both of them? In fact the fishermen have left them, once in the morning the fishermen set out, the wife and children asleep. Decision is that must be rounded down to the sea.
Sheet of letter placed near the pillow of his wife,

My wife … ..
I consider the night this decision,
this decision and I consider the best for myself,
I hope and also good for both of you,
there is no intention to leave you,
but the situation should make this happen.

My wife … ..
The sea is my life and where I am large,
I will not ever want to run away from the sea,
the sea has taught me how to live,
how to become men of strong,
have dignity and self esteem.

My wife … ..
If the angry sea, it will not be long,
I wait at home with our children
prayer I come home safely,
in a month if I did not return.
relakan treated me and our children’s well-connected

beloved husband of

The mother can only cry to read that letter. Step bend toward the coast, while the children follow her mother’s back. The sun started shining sea waves and sunny days this began to subside, although a black cloud is still visible across the sea.

Day switch the day, sunday switch sunday, month switch month and season has changed, but there is no news from the fishermen. What happened to the fishermen, while the sea is calm again. The wife waited faithfully, hoping her husband will appear from the sea. But the hope is vain, is three months on it but does not appear visit.
One morning in the months to four, from the sea appears a board oscillate waves approaching the beach. Board is that, after the close look it is clear that the remaining board a ship that’s broken, and the board is written “ANGIN PANTAI”. Ship that the fishermen used to go hack a violent sea waves.


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