Some facts about Tuberculosis

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Hello good day to everyone, By the way i would like to share a good information about something that will give you reason to be more concious regarding to your health. While making a research project about the history of our country together with the information about the reason why the population decreases. I saw a very informative information which really contribute alot here in the decreasing population of our history. And the thing that I am talking about is “Tuberculosis”. This disease here in our country in the Philippines has really damages our population because it is very easy to infect other people through airborne contact. Then I find Some facts about tuberculosis.

1. Tuberculosis is the most disabling,most lingering, and most expensive to treat, and because its infectious danger to others, it is the most feared of diseases.

2. Tuberculosis can be cured and cured easily if discovered at its beginning stage. For this reason it is the duty of every citizen, young or old, to have his lungs examined at least once a year. This is a duty he owes to himself, to his family, to his friends, and to his community.

3. Tuberculosis can be prevented. This is the most important fact to be remembered about the disease. Tuberculosis can be prevented through the proper practice of health habits especially regarding food, sleep, exercise, and work. It can also be prevented by vaccination of B.C.G. Before one has been infected with tuberculosis germs.


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