Growing Asparagus in Your Garden

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Planting and growing asparagus in your garden takes a little work but a lot of patience. Asparagus is a perennial spring crop that takes 3 years from seed to first light harvest. To this author eliminating the fertilizer only makes sense, go organic. 

According to the Purdue extension office, “Asparagus can be planted throughout Indiana from early April to late May, after the soil has warmed up to about 50 degrees F. There is no advantage to planting the crowns in cold, wet soils. They will not grow until the soil warms and there is danger of the plants being more susceptible to Fusarium rot if crowns are exposed to cold, wet soils over a prolonged period. Plant the asparagus at either the west or north side of the garden so that it will not shade the other vegetables and will not be injured when the rest of the garden is tilled.”

  1. Purchase 1-year or 2-year asparagus roots from local nursery or catalog.

  2. Using a rotiller, till up the garden space, to loosen the soil, so it is easier to work with when planting and growing asparagus. Dig a row, furrow or trench; what ever you prefer to call it, approximately 12-inches deep and 18-inches wide. The first few inches will just be loose soil, fill the row in with 4-inches of old compost, pat down to firm the row.

  3. Place the asparagus roots into the row 1 ½ to 2 feet apart. Jim Crockett suggests fanning out the roots making them look like an octopus. If you will be planting more than one row of asparagus, space them 4 to 5 ft apart from center to center.

  4. Gently cover the asparagus roots with 2-inches of garden soil. As the asparagus spears grows, gently add more soil until the row of asparagus is flush.

  5. At the end of each season, add a bit more compost to keep your plants growing strong.

Now the patience begins, planting and growing asparagus spears big enough to harvest and cook will take years. However, an asparagus bed properly taken care of will last for many years, producing many pounds of delicious asparagus spears.


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