Relationship Between The Flu And Vitamin C

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Many of us when we got the flu immediately think to drink orange juice or vitamin C supplements But is it really effective way to cure the flu?
Oranges, grapefruits and other foods containing vitamin C is beneficial for health. But after various studies conducted, the conclusion that vitamin C had little effect to cure or prevent flu illness.
Recent studies about vitamin C, which is published around the beginning of this year in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, evaluates a variety of research on vitamin C have over the past decade, involving 11 000 subjects who consumed 200 mg or more vitamin C per day. (Limit consumption of vitamin C recommended by the U.S. government is 60 mg per day). The results showed that vitamin C is only a little effect to reduce or treat the flu in most populations. But nevertheless, the results of a study of a large group of people who are experiencing physical stress (such as marathon athletes, military personnel, etc.) showed that vitamin C may lower their risk for contracting the flu. If the athlete is consuming vitamin C according to the recommended dose every day, then their chances of contracting the flu will be reduced by 50%.
For normal people like us, however, drinking orange juice will not be too much of an effect to prevent the flu. As Robert Douglas (President of The Public Health Association of Australia), “Millions of people who consume high doses of vitamin C with the assumption that it would prevent the flu does not really have a strong foundation”.
Then how is it that early vitamin C linked to flu drug?
It all started from the Linus Pauling – a Nobel Prize in Chemistry who lived from 1901 hinga 1994. In 1970, Pauling wrote the book “Vitamin C and the Common Cold,” which popularized the statement that this type of vitamin that can prevent a person infected with minor ailments. But according to Thomas Hager – biographer of Linus Pauling – “The book was published with a background in science is not good, and there is no evidence to support that statement.”
“Pauling published the influential book without writing a bit about the scientific journals and reference titles, and without sufficient evidence,” added Thomas Hager.
Although the effects of vitamin C to cure the flu does not exist, but few doctors are motivated to correct the statement of vitamin C, due to the consumption of vitamin C is not a threat to public health. (In fact, several studies have linked the antioxidant properties of vitamin C to reduce the risk of cancer).
After all according to Professor Arnold Monto – Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health, would be better to not make a public anti of vitamin C, besides the consumption of vitamin C will not harm human health.“The consumption of vitamin C will give a good effect, and will not be harmful to health,” added Professor Monto.


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