Porseni as a Venue For Creativity.

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BABAKANMADANGSports Week and Arts (Porseni) children Raudhatul RA(RA) 2012 Bogor District, held at Sentul Park Cultural Center Edutaiment,BabakanmadangHead Office was officially opened Kemenag Bogor, yesterday.This activity is a competition for creative children from 40 districts in RA Tegarearth believers.

Chairman of the Committee Porseni RASri Harmini said the aim of the eventwhich creates a creative childachievement and sportsmanshipas well asincreasing Islamic ukhuwah among children RAWe want them to grow,” she toldRadar Bogor, yesterday.

Now the eyes of a contested race, he added, the creation of dance competitionfollowed 312 childrenfled estapfet 156 children, 39 children‘s speech, pildacil 39children and 39 children coloring contestThe number is 741 RA child,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the head Kemenag Bogor regencySuhendra saythrough Porseni,RA students are given support and motivation to cultivate talent in the sport andhone the artso it grow into a healthystrong and talented.

It will give you confidence early on,” said SuhendraFurthermore, he says, this event also teaches children to be more open to the environment and addressing the events around him as a source of creativity.

A lot of potential that they could develop,” he added.

Not only that, the sport and the arts are an integral part of the preschoolcurriculumTherefore, it becomes an important element in the physical andpsychological growth of childrenWe hope this model more and more activitiesfor children’s growth, the better,” he concluded(Sdk)Thanks to the seriousness of the weightlifting team in West Java to improve performance in the Champions XVIII PON Riau next September, the athletes showed an increase in performance over centralization, thus transforming peraihan medal target of three gold medals to five gold medals in PON later.
– This proves the high commitment of the athletes to continue to excel and bring the good name Jabar national arena. Follow up two weight lifters who previously have not been able to improve its performance, and threatened to Pelatda PON stricken from Jabar, now both athletes are already showing a very significant improvement.

“Now the two lifters that nearly struck Jabar had been able to catch up, and showed an increase in top form, they can make a very nice change,” said jabar weightlifting coach, Muhammad dominant
KONI building yesterday in West Java.

Dominant rate, by increasing the ability of the two athletes are very influential on target achievements. Jabar’s weightlifting team initially targeted only three gold medals, now targets to be achieved in the next 18 PON to be five gold medals as long as the athletes to maintain the current practice and improve it.

“This is proof of their hard work, they keep practicing to improve their performance, and the results are very satisfactory. Load force has begun to rise, it could compete with other local athletes.

Therefore contributes to target peraihan weightlifting medal in Riau PON, “he said. Centralized Pelatda weightlifting sports have been prepared since last November, as many as 13 athletes prepared for the PON to 18 in Riau future.Overall improvement in the existing dominant towards the better.

“Opportunity is increasing, some athletes already in excess, and hopefully they can continue to improve to a record,” he said yesterday dominant.

Nevertheless, the athletes who showed no improvement in the future, dominant, and the team will act decisively to impose penalties to those athletes and even threatened diocret of PON pelatda Jabar.

“The athletes need to stay consistent and try to improve his abilities. samapai next June, if there are athletes who can not be forced to increase our ability to give the penalty, may also be dropped from the dafter pelatda threatened PON, “dominant firm.

Currently weightlifting team Jabar had not planned to try out, but Menurt dominant, to eliminate saturation of the dominant athletes will try to program in the surrounding areas in West Java.

Dominant also mentioned, the success of the athletes to improve her skills, does not escape from the samapai Jabar KONI support current continues to be given to the athletes.

“The support of the KONI has given us the motivation for us to continually improve our kaulitas PON to be Jabar kahiji future,” he said yesterday. *** / Banner Khadafi.





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