Permen Band in Dimentions of Music.

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***First in 2005 was the beginning of the birth of one of the bands potential, CANDY, yes candy is one band that might not be underestimated. In 2006 the band originating from the islands of this salt has won several music festivals both district and provincial levels. Continue berkebang like when the sun rises from the north, candies continue to demonstrate the potential of actually pouring from the hearts of the talent and personnel. in 2009, keyboardisc / guitar candy (Andie Faris) also can not be excluded, in fact one of the candy pesonil band is present with the first prize in competitions liryc / lyrics sejawa eastern competition in start-up event in 2009, no jury was approximately from senior musicians in Indonesia kalanagan like Piyu Rice, Maia Estianti, and Deni Chasmala.
Waktupun continue running, in various regions of the country has been explored as an experience for the candy show, 2010 came, candy also pass an audition that was held by the Start Up in collaboration with PT.Djarum (LA Light) and konseptornya is topnotch from Rice Band, none other than Piyu rice. of more than 50 thousand band sejawa – bali, sweets were passed into 10 large (10 super band), was predictable that perform various regions tersebutbanyak since the producers and labels who pay attention to feature the music of candy characters, true emotion under contract with entertainment , but on the other hand offers a variety of labels to handle it wisely. what can make, personnel from the candy band can not move slightly by a contract from the emotion, the recordingpun like buying a cat in a sack.
Yes .. is currently waiting and waiting for the completion candy contracts of emotion labels in order to receive an offer from the labels of course larger than emotion. Not degrading imeg of emotion, but some 9 out of 10 super band, like Jetplane, Imitus, D’Afternoon, The Minor Seven, the Jumpers, Revind, Nash, preety Boy, Candy also feel the same way of sharing on facebook and twitter.
Follow-up of the future, we do not perceive all of the emotion, we are in contract but no results at all of the contents of the contract, the desire to move to another label is certainly no threat of the contents of the contract. Can not say much, only one key, wait for the time the contract is completed, please label and producers attended the candy with a valid agreement and all wise. look at twitter in @PERMENisme


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