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Expertscolumn  offers alternative writing opportunities for freelance writers aside from the many writing content websites. Expertscolumn is open to all writers who wants a new publishing and earning experience.    


SUBMISSION OF ARTICLES  Accepts original content  and re-published articles provided you have the same authors name with the source website.  It is a great way to double your earnings from your original contents.

Excerpt from FAQ Page :

For us, duplicate column is one that has been published by some one else at some other website. If you are an actual author there, then the column won’t be counted as a duplicate one. So if you are posting the same column here, make sure your author name at both the places is same, otherwise we will delete it without any prior notice.

Though there is no minimum length of words given, it still recommended to submit at least 300 words and above.  Though other topics are accepted, current news, product reviews, how to articles, educational and games related material will have a greater value.  Articles published are called “column” and authors are called “columnists”. 

PAYMENT  Pays  per view (CPM) 1,000 basis  which is better from the pay-per-click basis.  For example, if the current CPM is $5.00, then you earn $5.00 for every 1000 unique views that your columns generates.  Minimum payout is 5$ through through PayPal. 

REFERRAL EARNING PROGRAM   Expertscolumn offers a 10% of the earnings earned by your referrals for the lifetime.

The website also offers share button to promote your links such as Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Orkut and many others.  It also offers private messaging features for members who wish to communicate privately.  Another good thing about Expertscolumn is they continually tries to improve the site, they are quite lenient at first but moderated the articles more later to keep the quality of the articles.  Just recently, they have added new server to accommodate the growing numbers of articles from the increased number of writers.


  • Input your Paypal ID :  My Accounts Page/Edit

  • Your Referral link : Navigation section (lower bottom of the page)/My Stats/My Referrals under Navigation Menu.

  • Banners :  Site Links (bottom section of the page) / Promote Expertscolumn

  • Add a friend : Author Information /Mark Friend (click on the left + sign)

Once you joined, it is advisable to read first the FAQ and writing guidelines pages.


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