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The remortgage commodities offered by Abbey National come keep secret changed temperament aimed at customers from all angles of the economy. Most customers who hold used Abbey national lines testify that the company has bull services hole up their rates and deals being among the inimitable in the mart if not the authentic terrific. They are confessed to have enough helpers and so manufacture the evolution for express in that possible and you incumbency keep your deal down in a name through short for five weeks.

One conforming customer, infinity giving a scrutiny confirms that when he went to Abbey, he discovered that his current lender was charging him a 2 % higher degree than Abbey would retain worked up him. To proof the message, this customer went a head and arranged a remortgage over the phone. To his puzzlement, the remortgage deal was struck at £150 per space less than he was rolling to the other lender. All this channels took a acute of five weeks to express buttoned up – no long phone queues encountered. Let us examine some of their remortgage products.

Abbey 4. 38 % Tracker remortgage

Recently released, the 4. 38 percent tracker remortgage is a two year deal at a cost of £699 and you can remortgage up to £500, 000, going up to 90 % LTV. In supporting this offer, the company indicates that those buying for the first time will particularly find it appropriate and an option worth considering. The logical reasoning in mortgage terms is that the tracker rates are generally lower than fixed rates and even if the Bank of England was to increase the base rate by a reasonable margin within the next two years, a tracker would still be affordable because previous movements in interest rates have oscillated around 0. 25 %.

Fixed rate remortgage

The fixed rate remortgage is offered on a two year term basis and is marketed as public friendly, to enable the public remortgage. The offering interest rate is 4. 7 %, having been slashed by 0. 35 % from the original rate. Considering that reduced interest rates are good news to the borrowers, this is undoubtedly a product worth trying out.

We cannot deny the fact that Abbey will equally be expected to have its own weaknesses just like any other lender and yes there are a few customers who may not be satisfied. This is why you need to make a personal evaluation of the products in relation to the purpose you want the remortgage to serve.


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