Collecting Debts

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People will do a lot of things to get debts, after getting debts they forget about the person whoever gave money to them as well as the debt. The person who lend the money have to worry a lot about it. The person who get the debt fully forget about it and concentrate with other works.

We must be careful while giving debts as well as advance payment to our workers. This kind of persons will do anything to get the money, after getting it they don’t give importance to us. If we try to contact them, they simply avoid it. They don’t attend our phone calls or reply to our emails and sms message. We will face a lot of struggles with this kind of persons. Better to avoid giving debts to others to avoid this kind of issues.

Collecting debt is not an easy thing. Most of the time the person who is a debtor will give various reasons to escape from it. If we directly meet them S/he will tell that they need some time to pay the debt as they are in some issues, Always they are telling this kind of excuses to escape from their debt as well as they don’t give importance to our phone calls and messages, simply ignore them are divert our calls to some other person.

This kind of activities are surely wrong, if we got debt from other person, we must pay the debt properly, never try to cheat the person whoever believe us and lend money to us in our tough time. We must remember about the timely help till our life long. But sadly, most of the persons are trying their maximum to escape from their debts, so only lot of people are not interested in giving debts to others.

If we lend some money to our friends or others, we must be careful until getting back the money. We must know about the person fully before giving money to them as well as we must check whether s/he is capable to pay the money. Always think and verify a lot before lending money. Be careful with money matters to avoid unwanted issues in life.


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