Shooting For A Craps Tournament

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Craps is definitely one exciting game to play either in the casino table or online. But what definitely is more exciting than playing craps is playing it in the tournaments.

One might be a little bit taken aback by the idea that the bar room game can be taken up for tournament play. But, as it turns out, tournament craps proves to be very exciting to both new and veteran players.

Internet craps, in particular, lends itself to the tourneys. Many online casinos have already begun organizing competitions for their members. Invitational games have also been held for casual guests, as well as regular players.

As with any other games, the main draw that you will get from playing, aside from the high, is definitely the prizes. As it is, the pot money than can be won from tourneys are definitely far bigger than that of regular games.

The rules in craps tournaments are basically the same as that of the regular craps game. Basic changes in the game are usually made in order to make rounds much quicker and to accommodate more players. Rules also vary between tournaments, depending on the casino.

One thing that many people are not fully aware of regarding tournaments is registration. While entry to the games are relatively free, filling up a form is often enough, the actual cost of of joining in the games is often overshadowed. In some cases, players need to buy the credits that they will be using in the course of the competition. Much like those found in poker tournaments. In others formats, especially for those members-only competitions, the credits are deducted from the participant’s account during play. One thing to remember so as not to be taken aback by such issues is to inquire first before joining. Also be sure to read all of the instructions posted in the registration form, often hidden costs are written in fine print, so it would be wise to read through everything first. Also note that in cases of regional tournaments, the player may also have to pay for his accommodations, depending on the length of the games.

On the tournament itself, the player needs to know some things that he can use to his advantage one thing to note about the games is that, unlike the regular game where players bet against the house, they play against each other. This eliminates the house edge and puts all players on even grounds. This can definitely come in handy when devising a gameplan for the tournament.

As have been said before, some rules of the game have been changed in order to fit into tournament play. One common rule used in competitions require player to make a pass or don’t pass bet in every round. This makes it harder to manage bets and adds to the challenge of the games. Also, depending on the casino organizing the games, there are also several new rules that are added. These rules are explained during the players’ orientation and should be carefully noted.

Despite the seemingly complicated issues to take care of when joining craps competitions, the endeavor is very rewarding, however. In some cases, a $500 entrance fee can even win you around $50,000. this makes it worth the try in joining a tournament.

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