Spying Activities in Facebook

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As we know facebook always show the “People You May Know”  list in the right side corner of the window, mostly the friends of our friends are listed there, we have the option to add them as our friend. Some of us know about our friend’s friend and interested in adding them as our friend, so only facebook is giving suggestion to add them as our friends.

Some times we may saw our enemies in that list and add them as our friend to watch their activities. Some people will stab their enemies in this way, by adding them as their friend, watching their activities and placing unwanted comments in their updates, photos and videos to show their anger. 

One of my friend is stabbed by a person in this way, finally he blocked that person from his account after getting a lot of hurts. He had a good friend from his school days, unfortunately they had some misunderstanding and give up their friendship, one day he received a friend request from this old friend and accepted it. The person send friend request to him to spy his activities and back stab him, at first he don’t know about his idea and approved as his friend.

Every day his new friend place some irrelevant comment in his updates and hurt him as much as he can. My friend delete most of his comments, but still he add the comment again and again in his updates, my friend send messages to him to stop this activity, but he never stopped it. My friend send a message to me and asked for my suggestion, i advise him to block the person, as per my suggestion he blocked this person and free from his troubles. 

We must be very careful while adding friends in facebook, some times we will add our old enemy as our friend in fb, but they start this kind of revenging activities, better to keep distance from them and continue as their enemy. It is better to stay as their enemy then making friendship with this kind of back stabbing persons. We don’t get any benefits from this kind of friendship.


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