Pregnancy Body Pillows

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Most pregnant women usually begin to have some discomfort when it’s time to try and get some sleep once they hit their third trimester, sometimes as early as the second trimester. You may be able to find comfort and support in just tucking a few extra pillows under your belly, back or in-between your legs if you are finding it hard to sleep at night. But, this may only work in the beginning of your pregnancy, and it probably won’t work for most.

If you can’t find a comfortable position or the right support for your growing belly, like many other pregnant women, and are having a hard time getting a good nights sleep, it’s probably time to upgrade to a pregnancy pillow.

There is a variety of pregnancy pillows available to you on the market. The most popular are body pillows and wedge pillows. If you are browsing online, it can be difficult to choose the best pregnancy body pillow because there are a few different kinds of pregnancy pillows.

The average price for a pregnancy body pillow online is $50 USD (+S&H). But that’s really only a very small price to pay for comfort. You can also get more long term use out of the pillow other than just from your pregnancy. Rest assured, you will usually find comfort in at least one of the different kinds of pregnancy pillows available.

When you are trying to decide on the best pregnancy pillow, you will need to think about what positions are most comfortable for you when you sleep. Some women love to sleep on their stomachs, but quickly discover that this is pretty much impossible while pregnant. It is also recommended that you sleep on your left side because it increases the flow of blood to the baby. The right pregnancy pillow will allow for you to sleep comfortably almost any way you like and should provide adequate support.

Finally, You should consider your style of sleep and what positions are most comfortable to you when trying to find the best pregnancy pillow. If you routinely sleep on your side, a wedge pillow may do wonders. But, if you prefer to sleep on your back, sides, or stomach (which of course is basically impossible while pregnant), a body pillow may be your best option because it provides the most comfort and support. Once you’ve found the pregnancy pillow you love, be sure to try your best to get enough rest because once that new baby comes, sleep will quickly become a thing of the past!

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