The OC Summer 2012 Decor

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The most popular hangout areas in Orange County are the many beaches as well as the cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, art studios, galleries and boutiques along the beach. Orange County décor is all about bringing the beach and ocean inside your home and yard, especially if you live far away from any beach environment, in order to experience this serene and relaxing environment. Bring in the warm sun, soft and neutral colors, a bold accent color, and some beach and ocean creatures for accents. The colors are very warm-toned and relaxing, which can turn your home into your own holiday resort, whether you want to decorate one specific room or all the rooms.

Neutral colors include beige tones and shades as well as sea foam green, sky blue, off-white, sandy color shades, creamy shades, and soft shades and colors of coral, orange, yellow, and maize. Add one bold shade of marine blue, golden maize, sunny yellow, bright orange, or a bold coral shade.

Accessories that help create such beach décor include baskets, wicker, bamboo, items created by a large rope, such as rope lamps, lanterns, shells, sea creatures, starfish, sand dollar, rocks, candles, sand, corals, sea horse, colorful and broken glass pieces that are often found glistening on the shore, light pendants, anchor, lifesaver, ropes, boats, aquarium, fish, mermaid, lighthouse, antique clock, treasure map picture or wallpaper, coat rack and wall hooks in either iron, silver, gold or wood. Add some occasional tropical prints, whether on pillows, throw blankets, décor items that make centerpieces on coffee tables, dining tables, counters, and side tables.

If you are not ready to buy new furniture, consider couch and chair covers, instead. Just make sure it is a soft and neutral color that complements the room it is in, whether a solid color or some tropical/beach print. Must-have items for any summer home include drink dispensers, flameless pillar candles, lanterns, old jars and bottles, and old-fashioned milk cartons. On a hot summer day, drink dispensers are very useful for kids as well as adults. These dispensers can be filled with iced tea, herbal tea, cocktail drinks, iced water with fruit slices, lemonade, or any other refreshing drink served on a hot, summer day. Flameless pillar candles are battery-operated, but tend to have a soft candlelight look. It is safe for households that have pets and young children. Such candles can be set to automatically turn on and off for a certain period of time, without worrying about an accidental fire happening. Such candles make great centerpieces, whether by itself or with a group of candles of different sizes, or inside jars, bottles, candleholders, and lanterns. Sometimes, finding old jars and bottles as well as milk cartons can be an inexpensive but still fashionable way of decorating your home. Such bottles and jars make interesting vases for plants as well as interesting candleholders. Lanterns can be decorated in so many different ways to create a different look. But for this article, let’s stick to the beach/ocean look. First, pick the lantern style that you like as well as most fits the particular room. Then, be creative as you add certain beach items inside the lantern. Sand and seashells, with a starfish, sand dollar and a sea horse and one flameless candle, is one idea. Inside another lantern, place rocks, or broken glass pieces that tend to be washed on the shore, around a flameless candle. The glass pieces can be of the same color or different colors. A small potted plant or moss inside a lantern can bring in some greenery in your home. Or a pretty, bold and colorful flower can add that bold color to a soft and neutral background. For other seasons, some people might want to add pinecones and/or other dried earth pieces inside the lantern to create a rustic or warm-toned autumn décor.

For outdoor décor, consider metal or iron bistro chairs and tables. Metal and iron barstools are perfect for kitchen counters as well as cocktail tables placed in the kitchen as well as outdoor areas. Cushions can be added on some of these chairs.  Some outdoor furniture might have a fleece throw blanket or even a Mexican blanket, which is perfect for breezy days or cool summer nights. A fire furnace or bonfire is also another added décor item for outdoor backyards. An old, antique-looking chest makes a great storage container for games and outdoor activities, as well as some hooks or coat hanger can be added in the outdoor area for towels, wet bathing suits, hats, and other items.


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