Are Traffic Exchanges Really Worth It?

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Are traffic exchanges really worth the time and effort you have to put in them in order to get results that are beneficial to your business? Can you even get results that will help your business succeed?

If you do a Google search for traffic exchanges, you will find thousands, on Yahoo, millions of sites to choose from. There are all kinds of names for these sites too. From farm animals to sea creatures to pirates and bunnies and just about anything else you can think of. Of course, all are free to join and all have upgrade options.

So are they worth it?

I guess it all depends on what your approach is and what you expect to gain from them. If you like to see lots of hits to your site, then they could be worth it. But, the ratio of time you spend surfing versus the actual results you get are usually not worth the time and effort in my humble opinion.

With the majority of exchanges you get a 3:1 hit/traffic ratio. That means you must surf 3 sites to get 1 exposure to your site. Surf 100 and get 30 exposures. Of course if you upgrade, with most at least, you get a 1:1 hit/traffic ratio plus other added benefits. And round and round you go, just like a dog chasing it’s tail.

Now the traffic exchange owners and others will tell you that you will get tons of traffic and hits to your website, which is actually true. My thought would be, who wants tons of hits and traffic if it’s not going to do you very little if any good at all towards accomplishing whatever it is you want to get from your website, which in most cases, is to make sales or get sign ups for your programs.

I guess some people just tend to be impressed with lots of hits to their website counters or traffic statistics and it makes them feel good to think that people are actually visiting their site when in all actuality the people visiting are not even paying attention.

The biggest problem or conflict I see with traffic exchanges is that everyone involved with them are wanting the same thing. They all want traffic to their sites and they either want you to sign up for their program or they want you to give them your email address so they can give you access to some rehashed, out of date, free report that will go on and on about less and less. Then they have your permission to pester you later through your email.

Let’s face it folks. Traffic exchange surfers are surfing for one reason, to get hits back to their sites. Most, if not all of them, could care less about your site and aren’t paying any attention to it except to see what else is out there and how it compares to what they are promoting or maybe to get ideas for their own sites.

Don’t believe me? Then let me ask you a question: When have you ever been to a traffic exchange to specifically search for something? Do you go to traffic exchanges to search for opportunities? NO! You use a search engine of course to find something of interest which you had to type in a specific phrase in order to find results.

So who is making money with Traffic Exchanges?

That’s easy, the traffic exchange owners are. Whether you stay a free or upgraded member you will be exposed to numerous offers, opportunities and email’s. The latest craze going on with traffic exchanges is to show you their famous ‘OTO’ (one time offer) every time you log in before they allow you to surf.

My beef about the traffic exchanges is, with a little extra effort, you can get much more targeted traffic/conversion ratio’s from things like article writing, keywords, SEO, Squidoo, Hubpages and even some social networks than you will ever get from traffic exchanges.

And by the way, all those so called reports out there that tell you they can show you how to get the most from, or what you’re doing wrong in regards to exchanges… well, they were all written by… you guessed it, traffic exchange owners.

So it’s up to each individual to decide if it’s worth their time or not. If you have the time, go for it. If nothing else, you will get to see what everyone else is promoting and get some great ideas on splash and squeeze page layouts and also some compelling headlines and great wording that you can use later for your own promotions. Happy Surfing!

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