Educational Learning For Toddlers- A Smart And Advanced Beginning

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Teaching writing skill has been given the priority over teaching speaking skill in almost all educational syllabus and plans and the case in my country, Oman, is no exception. Writing skill has been considered the most important especially in the area of second/foreign language teaching. On the other hand, speaking skill has neither been given sufficient focus in our teaching syllabi nor has it been represented fairly in our classrooms as opposed to the other skills. Wenden and Rubin classified learning strategies into cognitive strategies and metacognitive strategies. Cognitive strategies are used by learners when they deal with steps, operations, or problem-solving that require direct analysis, transformation, or synthesis of learning materials (Wenden & Rubin,1987:23) and these strategies include clarification/verification, guessing/inductive inferencing, deductive reasoning, practice, memorizing and monitoring. On the other hand, metacognitive strategies are used when the learner deals with knowledge about cognitive process and regulation of cognition. The bare minimum eligibility requirement in order to pursue interior designing course is 10+2. In creative fields, more than academic eligibility, what is mandatory is the flair and keen interest and in the preferred field. Career in such spheres asks for sharp eye for detail, good observation and fortitude. The knack for aesthetics, colors, shapes, style and form is needed to build a successful career in interior designing. Sense, ability and preference for design and décor are primary to be able to decorate homes wonderfully. Other important skills mandatory are time management, coordination skills and team edifice skills. Awards for Most Improved Apprentice, Most Innovative Apprentice, Most Dedicated Apprentice and Best Team Player were awarded to Lee Adams (Lancaster University), Georgia McDevitt (Goody Good Stuff), Lisa O’ Kane (Travis Perkins Ltd) and Tracey Mulligan (The Midland Hotel) respectively. Melrose Kids Limited, official distributor for brainy Baby products in Ireland and UK. The company has been a pioneer leader in providing early educational products viz books, games, toys, flashcards, different kind of toys for pre-schoolers, toddlers and babies. These learning products are specialized in various subjects like shapes, art, music, letters and languages. Simply try to find the support group that that will help you to get the best options that suit you. Support group can help you to give advice about the best techniques for using certain toys and books. If you are unable to join form any local group, try to find a support group by searching the Facebook/blogosphere. This learning experience need not to be the time leeching experience. It can be a wonderful start for a great relationship between your child and you.


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