Simple and ingenious ways to deal with the nasty problem of SPAM in your email box.

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Spam is inevitable. And, you can’t always keep it out of your email inbox. Sometimes you go away on vacation or just forget to check your email box for a week and when you return, your inbox is congested with all kinds of unwanted ads. Fortunately there is an easy solution. I’ve found a very simple and ingenious way to deal with the nasty problem of SPAM.

This trick helps you easily find and erase hundreds of unwanted emails with just a few clicks of your mouse. No more endless hours spent wading through your email box looking for SPAM and other unwanted mail.

Here’s a tip that I use every week to get my Gmail and Yahoo email inbox organized. I wanted to share it just in case it would help 

1. Login to your email account. 

2. Enter a specific search term into your email search box and all emails containing that word will come up.

For instance, if you wanted to get rid of all emails sent to you by Netflix, then you’d enter the word, Netflix, into the email search box.

If you wanted to get rid of all SPAM marketing type emails, then you’d enter a word or phrase like “get rich” (without quotes) or “make money or “buy now”. These types of words are often used in SPAM type emails. A list of emails containing the phrase will appear. If you’re plagued with unwanted SPAM emails, you may see hundreds or thousands of emails in your search list.

To quickly get rid of them, choose “Select All” and delete. You could also simply move the emails to a folder of their own.

You can even enter the email address of a particular person or sender and all email received from that person will appear. This is a super quick way to get rid of old email marketing newsletters to which you no longer subscribe.

This tip works for any type of email system, including Gmail and Yahoo as long as you can use the “search mail” function. I’ve even used this on my AOL email accounts, too. 

And to keep SPAM out of your email box, follow these simple steps.

1.  Never use your primary email address for freebie or free sample offers.  You can easily get a seperate email account for junk mail.  Make sure it’s easily accessible but one that doesn’t require constant maintenance.  Yahoo is good for this purpose, cause they let you delete all emails with one click of the button.  That keeps your email box clean.

2. Never post your email address online or on a blog.  SPAM robots harvest email addresses online and then sell them to the highest bidder who in turn SPAM you with unwanted emails and often times scam offers.

3. Use a high quality email provider, like the one from Gmail or Yahoo as they can automatically weed out SPAM and scams before you have a chance to deal with them.


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