Tips For a Successful First Date

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The first date is the date of the most memorable for everyone. sometimes the first date was a success but it is not uncommon to end up with a first date is not good. we should have a variety of strategies for the success of this first date, because the first date is crucial for the sustainability of a relationship.

Here are some tips for first date you run successfully and smoothly:

1. Keeping up appearances
Appearance is the first thing would be a major concern to your partner. try your best to look attractive in front of your lover, use a clean clothes in order to attract the attention of your date. Lest they are not attractive appearance make your date feel embarrassed going out with you because it looks less attractive. make him feel proud to go out with you.

2. Using a fragrant perfume
almost everyone loves a fragrant aroma. Before leaving do not forget to wear perfume or fragrances to smell, so your partner will feel very comfortable around you. other than that smell also can increase your confidence, so you do not hesitate to contact with your partner. do not ever leave a bad impression with an unpleasant smell.

3. Invite your date to a memorable
Before you decide to go somewhere you first try to find places that are fun for a date, a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, so that you and your partner do not feel bored quickly. For example: a cafe, bar, restaurant, cinema or other entertainment markets. You can also go to a place favored by your partner because she likes to visit places that would make her feel happy.

4. And always maintain an attitude of courtesy
Always be polite when you’re with your partner, be it good manners and courtesy in speech in acting thus you will see your partner was older and wiser.

5. Make him always smiling and happy
Do not let the atmosphere become stiff, try your best to make your partner feel comfortable and happy with you. occasionally make your partner smile by talking about something that is humorous.

6. Do not talk about negative things
Invite your partner to talk about positive things to build your relationship. times do not ever talk about negative things that may offend you. Do not ever talk about the ugliness of things that women can offend your partner.

7. Creating a romantic idea
Make it something unique and romantic, for example by giving a flower or something he likes. so it was full of happiness that he got when your spouse out on a date with you.

Thus these tips for your first date, good luck out with your partner.


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