Application For Compensation of The Sakhan Displaced Mizo Welfare

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We humbly beg that you would kindly look into the matter which we are to bring forth to your kind notice and take necessary action.

As you are aware that in the year 1997, the Brus left Mizoram of their own accord and came to Tripura venting their anger to the people living in Sakhan Hills. They used all possible means of disruption and terrorism to drive us out of our homes on 9th January 1998. We were driven out by force and till date we have not received any kind of compensation from the Central or state government. But what we find hard to understand is that the Brus who have forced us out of our homes are given compensation and utmost care. We, therefore, beg the Mizoram Govt who understands all our problems right from the beginning, to stand up for our rights and benefit and to voice our petition to the Central and Tripura Government for at least ` 1.50 lakhs to each family as compensation and also to pursue the matter till the end.

We bring to your kind information that there is no means of vehicle transportation to Sakhan hills and Ananda Bazar is the nearest village where vehicle transportation is available. Ananda Bazar is 12 km away from Sakhan hills, so, from there we have to go on foot. When we were forcibly driven out of our village, we did not have the chance to take along with us our cherished belongings as there was no means of transportation. As we left in haste and fear, we have lost our means of livelihood, our orchards. We are very sorry that we cannot state the exact value of our lands, homes and farms as to plead for compensation because our lands were allotted to us verbally and there are no written documents.

When we left our village, unlike the Brus, we did not camp as refugees. Our relatives who saw our pain and miserable condition came to our rescue and took us to their homes. Even those without relatives were given a helping hand, a tradition of the Mizos, which we call ‘Tlawmngaihna’ for which we remain thankful. Being displaced from our homes, we have not received any kind of help from the Government and we feel that we cannot be compared to the Brus, therefore, we humbly state that we are entitled to get a better compensation than the Brus. We expect the Tripura Government to grant ` 1.50 lakhs to each family and some of the reasons are given below for your kind perusal:

  • Our demand is not repatriation because we have gone through all kinds of hardships and difficulties to make a new home. To start anew, we will have to fight a new battle and we will not be able to endure it all over again.

  • We don’t ask for temporary shelter as we have our relatives and friends who have willingly accommodated us.

  • There is no need for free ration as we all work hard for our living.

  • The Brus get ` 38500 for housing Assistance and  ` 41500 for Finance Assistance, they are also granted money for housing facilities and transportation charge as per IAY Norms. We don’t ask for these facilities and the government need not spend huge amount of money like the way they lavished on the Brus.

  • We have left all our properties behind; we have lost our cherished possessions. The approximate loss of each family is estimated as:

(i).  House                    —`. 150000

(ii). Cultivation                        —`. 300000

(iii). Furniture              —`. 55000

(iv). Utensils                — `. 30000

(v). Domestic animals—`. 3500

  • Ours is a permanent settlement so we cannot be compared with the Brus. What we have lost is uncountable; it is everything that we own.

  • Our lands are fertile and so we yield good harvest. Our oranges are one of the best in Tripura and orange gardening is one of our main occupations. Each family yield lakhs of profit each year from their orchards. Owing to our present situation, each person is estimated to yield `. 5 lakhs yearly.

The points above states that we must be given better compensation than the Brus. This becoming our situation, we the SDMW appeal that the government grant us ` 1.50 lakhs to each family.

We have enclosed the Proforma of 83 families- Adults- 299, Minor- 76. There are 15 families who are not enlisted in the Electoral Roll. The reason for not being listed in the E- roll varies; some are students, others serving as missionaries and evangelists, and other jobs elsewhere. But, even though they don’t reside in the village, they also suffer and go through the same pain and loss. So, the Sakhan Displaced Mizo Welfare feels it right that they also get the compensation.

Our condition will be made clear in our Pro forma. As our situation is made clear, we plead the Mizoram Govt, whom we regard as our guardian to help us and take steps for our benefit. We pray that you would kindly take the necessary action so that our petition reaches the ears of the Central and Tripura Govt and help us to get the compensation we deserve.   

Enclosed : Profile of family fleeing Sakhan Hills in Tripura

                                                            Yours faithfully,

              Sd/-                                                                Sd/-                                                                                    (LALFAKSANGA)                              (JOSEPH HMINGLIANZUALA)                (H. RAMHMUNSANGA) 

     Secretary                                            Vice Chairman                                        Chairman          


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