How To Avoid Job Scams On The Internet

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You’ll get these fraudulent emails that offer you a job to transfer money to your checking account and then send cash to another country outside of the US. This is 100% fraud and the checks are empty. They’re fake checks that look 100% real. You should tell your kids to stay away from these offers on the internet. This is where you would put the checks into your account, cash it and then keep a percentage of it.

Well, There’s nothing after you cash it out. When the check is cashed, there’s no money there at the other end. This is such a big fraud that has been going around. This is call money laundering. You should report these kind of fraud. You’ll become a victim and then you’ll convicted in court of a felony once the bank took legal action on you because the check bounces. There has been a few cases of teenagers who didn’t know any better and got themselves a criminal conviction in court. You’ll also get jail time for this. You’ll get a felony for cashing these empty checks out. Usually there’ll be a fake return address.

You should warn your children about this if they’re desperate for a job. Each day you would get about ten of these emails and they sound legitimate but they’re not. This is a real fraud that people need to talk to their kids about. Adults know too much to cash them out but not children. The internet has so much scam jobs and you should teach your kids that. You should teach them how to avoid scams overall. This can get them a criminal conviction and it’s not worth it. You will have to pay back the bank the amount that you cashed out to send to the scam artists and it can be in thousands per check. The bank will sue you for it if you don’t pay them back. This is a very serious crime and you should be aware about it.


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