Game Review: Gladiator Begins

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Because my friends have PSP and I don’t, I do not know how this game compares as a prequel to Colosseum: Road to Freedom. Yet the developers GOSHOW have done a great job in putting the player right into the heart of Ridley Scoots inspired Roman drama.
The story is, before all of this General Maximus in the film; emperor of Rome Marcus Aurelius Antoninus is seeking a successor. His son Commodus and General Cassius both want the honor of being emporer, and like all despots, rather than fighting it out themselves- they get others to fight for them. In the the Roman Colosseum!
The players then become their own gladiator and are to fight in the Colosseum against other gladiators and animals! It a fight for life!
I personally spent ages pausing and looking around the Roman Colosseum during the gameplay. And unlike other third person games like GTA, you are not bound by what they give you, and you can create your own gladiator to fight, with patches of the SIMS present in the feel. The 3D appearance is amazing to say the least; the characters look so real! So detailed in the costumes and the weapons! And whilst gore is still alittle controvesial, there is realistic blood splatter.

And between game matches you can upgrade your character. First time around you don’t have a weapon, so you have to scuttle around the grounds to find something strewn about, and then you can force off other gladiators weapons and turn the tables on them! 
However, I did get bored after 15 minutes, because the player does not leave the the Colosseum at all. 

Unfortunately, repetitive combat and other frustrating elements prevent Gladiator Begins from being a satisfying re-creation of those bloody battles that once thrilled the people of Rome.And also, combat is quite repetitive and among other frustrating elements, it prevents Gladiator Begins from being a satisfying re-creation of those bloody battles that once thrilled the people of Rome.

Great though this game is, I don’t intend to buy it, or a new PSP. And I would advise not to buy it new. Wait 6 months ‘” if you can, and get it for half price in the sales!

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