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When people tend to be busy with their work, they somehow set aside the priorities of their health. That’s why when they reached the age of 50 or more, illness seemed to develop easily. It’s what I think as neglecting your body to be able to cope up with the matters at home and work. And as a result, you’re making your body system weak.

The lack of exercise or body inactivity does not just make a body frail, worst it may also lead to death. Scientific explanations will tell us that as we grow, our body will grow old as well. Thus as people age, they lose muscle, their immunities weaken and because of weakened immunities, body can easily be caught by infections, diseases and even cancer. A study shows that aged body loses its ability to kill germs because of lack of muscle. When germs enter the body, the body must need proteins called antibodies and cells to help kill the germs. These antibodies and cells are made from protein and the only part of the body you can accumulate extra protein is in your muscles. When your muscles are large, you can easily take proteins from the muscles and make antibodies and cells. When your muscles are small you will have inadequate sources of amino acids to make proteins. Antibodies are also needed to control cancer cells, so loss of protein leads to a loss of antibodies and increased vulnerability to suffer cancer.

This makes us realize how important regular body activity is. Exercising will develop muscles and you can start it now. It’s never too late to start a regular exercise to build a muscle.

I bought a set of loop resistance bands last August and until now it’s the best exercise equipment I could consider. Since that my work shift starts at 10:00AM, I still have enough time for workout.

I usually do chest, abdominal, arm, leg and cardiovascular exercises for these are what I’m trying to consider. I used the green bands from the body-bands for abdominal and leg work out. Stepping on the loop and pulling the other with hands facing up, you could also do this using pullup bands if available. You’ll do bending and contraction for your abdomen as you’ll produce strength from your arms. For my chest, I used the purple exercise bands with both hands holding the loop away from each other. I’ll stretch out my arms straight then fold the band letting the two hands meet at the center without folding an elbow. You’re like a butterfly flapping its wings. Then for my leg, I used the blue or green exercise band sitting inside the band body on 135° with hands on the floor both supporting my back and holding the band. Then I step on the end of the band and stretch my legs and like kicking the band away from my body.

These are simple exercises I’m doing with the use of fitness bands and I could tell I really improved myself. Yet the results still refer from each discipline.


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