Were You Paid?

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Every time someone writes about a Writing Site, Shills race from every corner to attack, and ‘satisfied customers’ refute.  Those who were ripped off agree, and the comment section becomes choked with responses, which will leave the reader with uncertainty as to whether this site is ‘real’ or not.

The only way to be sure is to ask and get an honest answer to the question;  “Were You Paid?”  

The word ‘pay’ is not one of degree; either you were paid or you were not paid. 

If you belong to a ‘revenue sharing’ site in which you are paid by hits; i.e. 1c per every 6 hits, and you know that last month you had 600 hits, then you have made 60c.   If you don’t know how many hits you had, if you don’t know the rate at which you are paid, then you have probably been ripped off.  If you believe you made $45.00 this month and get $15.00 because you have ‘low value’ hits, or that your topic has been ‘recategorised’ and only attracts 1c per 100 hits, you have been ripped off. 

If you are accused of ‘breaking the rules’ and your money is confiscated, (and you articles still remain on the site because they are good original work)  you have been ripped off.

Many sites promise to pay this and that; promise to make a payout when you reach $5.00.  And suddenly you can’t reach $5.00 when you were earning $1.00 every two weeks; you have been ripped off.

Don’t keep writing once you begin to doubt.  Stay pat.  Don’t argue, just wait.  See what happens.  If you can delete your work, go ahead, if you can’t, well, you have now proven you have joined one of those Must Avoid sites. 

And yes, I’m sure you were warned.

You were warned and thought, oh this can’t happen to me.   Maybe you listened to those shills who make money off your posts, maybe you were even paid once, or twice.  Maybe ….

Understand it is a buyers market.   Thre are hundreds of thousands of people who want to write online, who will join every site they hear about, and so you are very tiny in the scheme of things. 

Hence, being ripped off is a ‘write’ of passage.


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