Architectural Letters For Business Signs of Distinction

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One of the more sophisticated forms of business signs are architectural letters.  Every business needs to advertise in order to attract customers, and to increase the business’ credibility. One of the more ubiquitous forms of advertising is the business sign. After all, it has often been said that a business without a sign is a sign of no business.

Architectural letters are often used in the lobby of a business and offer an elegant and striking way to present a company to the world. This article describes the different types of architectural letters available and some of the options available for installation.   

Architectural letters are individually cut and mounted raised letters, or objects such as the company logo or other symbols. With crisp 90 degree angles and a very large range of colors, styles and manufacturing materials architectural letters produce an effect that is both sophisticated and professional.

There are six main types of Architectural raised letters

Cast Architectural Letters

Bronze and aluminum cast metal letters are used in professional offices such as financial intuitions, legal offices, universities and government buildings. They indicate a sense of permanence and experience. Many different finishes such as polished, oxidized or anodized are available for these architectural letters. As the name suggest cast letter signs are created by melting and pouring bronze or aluminum ingots into molds.

Fabricated Metal Architectural Letters
These types of metal letters are fabricated from sheets of steel or aluminum; they are perfect architectural letters for retail or other areas where high-end quality at a lower cost is required. The raised letter signs are built to custom specifications in a wide variety of finishes such as brushed, polished or painted, and can be produced to almost any required depth and size. Gold titanium coating is also available to provide the look of brass at a fraction of the cost.

Flat Cut Metal Architectural Letters
Custom metal letters can be precisely cut using lasers or water jets to provide greater detail than the use of CNC routers. Several metals and numerous standard finishes (including aluminum, bronze, brass, copper and steel), can be applied to cut metal letters. These kinds of architectural letters can be used outdoors as well as in-doors for a lobby or boardroom application.

LED Channel Letter signs
LED Channel Letters are an extremely popular choice. LED channel letters catch the eye by standing out, away from your building. Business logos or images that complement your business name are cut to design and electrically wired for effect. Businesses in malls all across America use channel letters to set their name apart.

LED channel signs are created by using a standard channel letter sign element. Fabricated from sheet metal, most often aluminum since it will not rust. A flat sheet of aluminum is typically cut on a table by a computer-controlled router. This creates the back of the channel and is the basis for the letter shape.

The sides of the channel letter, called the “returns”, are then formed by bending a 3- to 6-inch-wide strip of aluminum sheet around the aluminum back. This return can be welded at the seam or flanged and riveted to the back to create a solid “can” in the shape of the letter.

The “can” is then fitted with light-emitting diode (LED) modules and a semi transparent lid is affixed to the open face of the letter can. A trim cap border is applied to its edges which gives the letter face a finished appearance and creates a fastening surface to attach it to the letter can. When illuminated at night, channel letters draw the eye of passers-by.

Glass Etched Letters
As the name suggests this type sign is etched into a piece of glass such as an entrance doorway, or as a lobby sign etched into a piece of wall mounted glass. In the latter case the sign can be a combination of etched glass and raised letters individually mounted on the glass.

The etching is usually accomplished by sandblasting clear, starfire glass or jade glass. The background can be etched so that the letters are clear and edge lit LED illumination adds an additional sophisticated touch.

The glass-etched sign can be finished using metal rails or standard off hardware or the glass edges can be flame polished or the edges beveled.

Plastic Architectural letters & logos
The greatest variety of architectural letters are plastic letters. They range from traditional to ornamental to script letters. These letters are high quality but very cost effective and come in dozens of standard colors and almost any style.

Plastic architectural letters can be manufactured in several ways, including injection molding of non- petroleum plastic, cut plastic and cut acrylic letters and logos.

No what kind of business your have and no matter what your budget, architectural letters offer business signs that are both an attractive and sophisticated way to display and advertise retail, professional and corporate organizations.


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