Online Money-Making Made Simple

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Many fail to make moeny online due to information overload and the complex processes being promoted by the so called gurus.

Below is the simple process of selling online for the purpose of making some income:

(1) Identify a product/service that people are interested in.

You can know this by doing a search for trend analysis for the product on Google, Yahoo or Bing. You may also check Alexa, Amazon or e-bay to know what’s in hot search at any point. Why doing this search, please note the following:

(a) in most cases, it is not a product that you THINK people are interested in that you are likely to end up with.

(b) It doesn’t have to be a product that you are interested in. In fact, you may not like the product. What matters is that a good number of people are interested in it.

Remember that you want to be a dependable trusted solution provider by helping people with valuable answer to their search. If you wish, you may give the product out for free or charge a fee on it.

(2) Identify the main keyword and the related keywords that people are using to search for information on the product/service on the net. 

(3) Use the same keywords in 2 above to perform a search on the net and see the websites (ur potential competitors) that appear on first page of Google or any other search engine. The sites you see appear because they are already doing something with the keywords or related keywords and they are ranking for the keywords you have used in the order that Google perceives to be their popularity. This is just to demonstrate to you how keywords work

(4) If your research confirms that a good number of people are looking for that product month-in, month-out, promote it using Pay Per Click campaign. The concept is using money to make money. You don’t have to go through the process of website building and Search Engine Optimization process. If the product is good and the sales letter is compelling, you will surely make sales.

(5) Monitor the campaign to enable you track what works and what doesn’t


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