Britney Spears Accepts X-Factor Deal

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Britney Spears decided to accept the X-Factor deal with 16M dollars. I think this is an excellent gig for Britney. She gets to sit there and do practically nothing and just act like her crazy old self. Even if she gains a couple of pound, no one will notice under the judges’ table anyway. I guess as a contestant I would be a little uncertain about taking professional advice from Britney Spears because of how unstabel she is emotionally. However, I know that she will make for great entertainment and the viewership will increase greatly for X-Factor.

I think there are a lot of people who cannot wait to get a piece of Britney Spears. I heard her man Jason is going to be the producer of the show. I knew this guy was just waiting for an opportunity to cash in on the fame of Britney Spears. I mean I have nothing against the girl helping the fellow out. However, let us not forget that he used to be her security guard. I mean this relationship is just wrong in so many ways. I guess Britney Spears must think that he was a safe bet and that he would never do anything to harm her. Well, these day you never know and I do hope that her finances are protected. I mean Britney Spears lets too many people into her life. She has her father completely controlling her money and she is married to a security guard. It is like she needs babysitters so she does not mess up. I wish Britney would find people in her life who are genuinely concerned about her well being instead of milking her for all she is worth. Why can’t she at least date a real celebrity with money. Someone who she does not have to support. Isn’t that a thought?

Well, I wish Britney Spear the best of luck. The girl has been through a lot and I hope she realizes that she has more power than she gives herself credit for. No grown woman should let their father completely handle her money. That is just juvenile. I think her father needs to teach Britney how to be independent from him instead of the constant child. Britney now has her own children and I think she could benefit from some parenting lessons as well.


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