What is Manga And Its Effect.

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Manga is an art or comic originated from Japan, and they are widely read by fans over the world. Japanese manga is not the same as American comic, where the difference major involved how the storyline were made.

Manga brings reader to entire different world while American comic normally gets its source of story from real life. Another major difference is the color scheme. Manga generally takes combination of black and white drawing, while American comic generally made of full color combination.

Both Manga and American comic can be considered similar in a way they are produced, authors also known as mangaka for Japanese, released them by weekly issued and monthly issued, with ongoing series status, oneshot series or completed series.

Nowadays, manga is not only widely produced by many talented authors, it also gained much popularity among readers all over the world such as United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan. Due to its popularity, some non-profit organizations have made up a website dedicated for manga online where readers are able to read free manga online.

Manga can be divided into their own categories. Up until now, 36 genres of manga are available. Those genres are such as Romance, Shoujo, Shounen, Action, Sports, Historical, Supernatural and many more. Each genre bring its own story line and easier for reader to choose which manga suit their interest. An example of Supernatural manga which has million of readers up until today is Naruto, One Piece and Bleach.

When a manga series popularity growth is increased, another side effect, showing support to related manga, a cosplay is created. Cosplay can be defined as costume play, where a person represents a character from certain manga or anime series. This lead into corresponding manga’s growth with accessible manga online.

A Manga Online website not only helps manga to further spread its popularity, also helps the author to promote their artwork, making their artwork as part of additional income. Manga Online really helps fans to enjoy their favourite manga series.

Manga Online helps readers to read their favourite manga from anywhere and anytime, with online access for free reading.


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