Best Exercise to Keep Your Heart Healthy

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Good news! You don’t have to run miles every day to have a healthy heart. A brisk walk around the park or on the treadmill is likely enough exercise to keep your heart strong, according to a study from the Duke University Medical Center.

Specifically, you need to walk at a fast pace for two to three hours each week, which translates to 30 to 45 minutes most days of the week, to significantly cut your risk of cardiovascular disease, reports The Associated Press. This supports earlier research that reached a similar conclusion. “The classic question always is: What’s the minimum amount I need to do to enjoy the benefits of it?” lead study author Brian Duscha told AP. “If you just walk 12 miles a week at a brisk pace, it’s scientifically proven now that you will get some benefits.”

The study: More than 130 middle-aged and overweight sedentary men and women who were at risk for heart disease participated in the study. Each was placed in one of these four groups:

  • No exercise.

  • Walk briskly for 12 miles a week at moderate intensity.

  • Walk briskly or jog slowly 12 miles a week at a vigorous intensity.

  • Jog 20 miles a week at a vigorous intensity.

Two measurements of fitness were taken: the time to exhaustion and oxygen consumption. The better shape you’re in, the more oxygen you can consume and use.

The results: Participants in all three groups who exercised saw fitness improvements. Walking briskly at either a moderate intensity or vigorous intensity provided similar levels of peak oxygen consumption. (Those who jogged had even higher oxygen consumption, so more exercise is better.)

If you exercise and don’t lose weight, don’t despair. Duscha says that as we age, we gain about 4 pounds a year if we maintain the same diet and don’t exercise. So if you’re maintaining your weight year-after-year in middle age, congratulate yourself! The study findings were published in the journal Chest. and more how Lose 14 Pounds in 12 Weeks?

It’s easy. It’s simple. And it tastes good. Eat light yogurt daily as part of your weight loss plan, and you could lose an average of 14 pounds in just 12 weeks.

That’s the word from researchers at the University of Tennessee who have found that people who included Yoplait Light as part of their weight loss plan lost significantly more weight compared to others who simply reduced the number of calories.

Specifically, this is what the yogurt eaters lost during the 12-week study:

  • 22 percent more weight for an average weight loss of 14 pounds.

  • 66 percent more body fat.

  • 81 percent more trunkal (or stomach) fat.

How does yogurt do this? It appears to fuel the body’s fat-burning ability, which in turn makes it easier to lose fat and maintain lean muscle.


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