Scopes in C++

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If you have been learning C++ according to the C++ syllabus I have for you, then I have to start by saying, Congratulation: you have completed the professional course I have for you, which means you can work with C++. At this point I assume you understood most of what is in the professional course. Now you are in the course to become an expert in C++. After this course (not just this series) you would join others and myself, who can read the C++ specification (manual) and understand. At the moment, everything being equal, you cannot read the C++ specification (it is long) and understand. However, you would get there.

If this is my first post that you are reading, then you may not know me. I am the author of a free C++ professional course in the Internet. To arrive at the course, just type the title, C++ Tutorials, and my name, Chrys, in the Search Box of this page or in the Search Box of any search engine, then click Search, to get there.

Scopes in C++: In my own experience learning C++, the C++ scope was one of the easiest things to learn. It is focused on the C++ block (opposite pair of curly brackets). I did not learn C++ in the university, where I learned other computer languages. I learned C++ in the form of making research. So, I did not find it easy. I hope I have made it easy for you. I encourage you to carry on learning C++. C++, compared to other languages, is like an old footballer who can still play 90 minutes of the match effectively. The younger players (new computer languages) who though, are promising, just have to continue paying their respect.

In my professional C++ course, I introduced you to Scopes in C++, in one of the series, titled, C++ Taking the Bull by the Horns. Every important thing was not said there. In this series, I say all the things I consider important. In my opinion, after this series, you will close the chapter on Scopes in C++, as a learner. However, it will still be open for research.

In order for you to learn all the important things in C++ scope, conveniently, you need to have completed my C++ professional course. Hope you have done that. In the series I have for you now, you will learn the local scope, the function scope, the class scope and the namespace scope.

The “Scopes in C++” tutorial series has been prepared in a step-by-step fashion. The code samples are well formatted, with good indentation. There is no missing special character, as you would find in other sites. The links to the different parts of the series are easily accessible. Above all, the tutorials are free. Click the link below to start the series. Good luck!



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